Don’t say Microsoft didn’t ask you


There are many (many, many, many) rumors that the Vista Beta2 will be feature-complete in a few weeks and Microsoft has already put the Beta 1 in front of enough eyes to get some feedback. If you weren’t part of any Partner Technight’s, IT Pro group install-fests or such here is your opportunity to throw in your two cents.

Kevin’s Blog Entry asking for Vista feedback

Kevin is an IT Pro evangelist, not a product developer but he is in the chain of people that provide user feedback to product groups. If you have a concern, especially a business concern on how to sell Vista, you need to speak now while they are still listening.

2 Responses to Don’t say Microsoft didn’t ask you

  1. Anonymous says:

    You know, I’m getting tired of all this “feedback” chatter. They overpromised (again) and will under-deliver (again) and the system will suck no matter what I say (again) so whats the point? To make me feel better because there is someone out there listening? They aren’t even listening, its a blog!

    Come on Vlad, give it up already, they certainly have.

  2. Kevin Remde says:

    You know, “anonymous”, I’m gonna have to disagree with you there.. 🙂 We are listening, quite intently. And I do have the contacts to make changes, the same as any other informed Microsoft employee does. In fact, there are teams of people using INTERNAL blogs (complete with videos!) who are showing off features, getting feedback, and submitting that feedback directly to the persons responsible.

    “the system will suck no matter what I say”… well, around here we believe that you get out of it what you put into it. And we happen to believe what our customers are telling us SPECIFICALLY. I can’t submit a request to the product team that says “the system sucks”. What specific sucky feature would you like changed?


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