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First of all, thank you for coming out for the TS2 seminar yesterday – 100 plus in attendance, way to go. We are currently soliciting input on the presentation in our Orlando IT Pro mailing list, feel free to speak your mind. For those of you that missed it, JJ Antequino (our local Microsoft TS) presented the seminar and I helped along with the Exchange SP2 presentation. Sorry for the smoke and mirrors, the laptop had SP1 but I doubt any of you would be installing that or IMF at this point so here is what went down.

Exchange SP2 Installation
I did a quick improv of Exchange SP2 to get you started with this service pack. As I said when I got started — If there is only one thing you write down from this entire speach, please remember to remove the IMF if you have installed it already. The SP2 setup automatically detects and warns you to remove it but I have received a number of responses where that does not happen. Click here for the article and remember that the store is flexible — its not 75GB or nothing, you set the limit yourself.

IMF v2
Also remember that IMF v2 does not turn on automatically. You have to enable it manually. Click here for the article. Likewise, if you do turn it on and select archiving make sure you have software to access the archive. It sits in
C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1\UceArchive – you need this directory when you setup IMF Archive Manager so you can go through and prune your archives. One of the partners spoke about how he left it in archive mode and had 80,000 messages in the quarantine by the time he got to it. So if you archive, make sure you prune.

P.S. Just to state it again: Exchange SP2 (and SharePoint SP2) are already out in production and they are both free. If you’re in the SBS land you do not need to wait for SBS R2 to deploy these solutions. The slide you saw was just detailing what will be included by default in R2.

Orlando IT Pro
I spoke briefly about Orlando IT Pro, I will be sending invitations to you shortly, wanted to get this out since I’m sure you’re anxious to the Exchange info first. As I mentioned, that was not a spam signup list – I will send you an email with an invitation to check out the Orlando IT Pro group and if you like what you see you can join our mailing lists and come out to our monthly meetings. Yes its free and so is pizza. The next meeting is on Tuesday, Nov 22 at 6PM.

SBS Show
Also spoke briefly about the SBS Show, if you’re in the small business consulting or doing anything with computers you need to listen to this stuff. You can get it here.

Thats all. Please, feel free to forward over questions. I know I couldn’t field everything yesterday but I am not hard to track down. Please feel free to browse the blog for the incentives we spoke about and touch back with JJ if you have any input or questions for the TS2 team.

12 Responses to Hello Orlando

  1. david burt says:

    You did talk about media that can be ordered whats the deal with that?

  2. Vlad says:

    The media fulfillment was what JJ was talking about — you can order SBS SP1 on media and you can only get update to ISA 2004 if you order media for the premium edition.

    I chimed in with the Exchange SP2 media – you can also buy it from Microsoft so you don’t have to download/burn the service pack but it is also available as a free download. It’s $5.


  3. Jprice says:

    Hi Vlad!

    Added you to my RSS yesterday this site is a great source of information.

    You talked about the Microsoft incentives for workstations and all. I can’t find it on your blog. Got a link?

  4. Vlad says:

    Sorry about that, I don’t have a search function for my blog. The stuff that JJ mentioned was the Office+XP promotion thats going on right now:

    Now if you want to keep up with the offers and such the two places you have to add to your RSS are:


    If you can’t find it there it’s not happening.

    As far as my post, I couldn’t find it either. 🙁


  5. Anonymous says:

    vald – there is usually a link to slides any idea where I can get those?

  6. Bob Frank says:

    I already emailed you but can you also provide the link to the SQL launch meeting you were talking about? First week of december if I recall correctly.

  7. Vlad says:

    Slides are usually available at ts2seminars.com. If you would like a particular one please contact JJ.

    The SQL Launch meeting link is available from http://www.orlandoitpro.com. However, as I have mentioned, that show is now waitlist only and your chance of getting into it are slim to none.

  8. rhood says:

    But Vlad you did mentio nthat you were also doing a SQL 2005 launch in the Orlando IT Pro group. When is that expected?

  9. rwilson says:

    Discussion on WSUS – You mentioned it is free and also a part of R2. I did a search but could not find anything on its availability. Can you point me to it?

  10. Vlad says:

    rhood, rwilson:

    The SQL Launch for Orlando IT Pro will likely be in either December or January, have not yet decided which. We’re currently looking forward to the Dec 8 launch with Microsoft and will look at whats happening then.

    The WSUS bit – it is free, it is available now and its a free download. It will be included with R2 as JJ indicated but it is a free as a download right now:


    There is only one situation in which it is NOT free and that is if you’re hosting their server and their WSUS system is synchronizing against yours. In that case you will need a SPLA license.


  11. Norris says:

    Perhaps a cliche but since you’re asking politely:

    I would like a tshirt.

    Been to these events for years and have rarely gotten anything I could really use to grow my business. While there are not that many places I could wear a Microsoft shirt to giving them away to clients really lights up their eyes. I know you spend a lot on free software like onenote and I’m sure a tshirt costs either as much or even less..

    So consider giving us something that either builds our business as a promotional giveaway to our clients as we already get enough software through the action pack.

  12. Vlad says:

    Will pass this on to JJ and Mike Marshall (or you can do it yourself through http://www.ts2blogs.com) as I know they are always very open to the postive feedback and a way to improve their events.

    For what its worth, I agree with the tshirt argument as I’ve always given them away to customers and partners. The software, CD, marketing junk – if I ever even pick it up it ends up on the reception desk to be given to someone else or it goes in the trash.

    All that being said, I am not very fond of the fact that folks expect a giveaway when attending TS2. I think it brings in a wrong crowd (muffin eaters as one partner so eloquently refered to them) whose issues have little to do with what legitimate business-doing partners are facing.


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