SBS Show Episode #3 – Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning for SBSers


After over 5,000 downloads of our first two shows I decided to dive into a very serious and sensitive subject that a lot of SBS shops need to pay attention to: disaster recovery. Not just from the standpoint of keeping good backups but from planning, designing and executing a backup strategy for small business. I was joined by experts from various walks of life: IT consultant, published authors, business advisor and the Small Business Specialist / Gold Certified Partner. We attacked the “backup” strategy from all angles and I pushed everyone to give their single best way to get a disaster recovery plan started with just $300, one-time. Lots of points of view, lots of things to consider and great advice from some of the best SBS consultants out there:

Karl Palachuk (KP Enterprises) – Karl is the author of The Network Documentation Workbook, president of KPEnterprises Business Consulting Inc (Microsoft Certified Partner) and leader of Sacramento Small Business Server User Group.

Beatrice Mulzer (Intellisys) – Beatrice is the author of several SMB Nation books including the famous Microsoft Small Business Specialist Primer & 70-282 Exam Preparation Guide. She is also an SBS consultant and a leading technology trainer.

Brian Kruse (Coastal Networks) – Brian is a Small Business Consultant and an expert in wireless technology. He is one of the leaders of the South Florida Technology Network and provided some excellent advice in dealing with extended service outages.

Charles McCubbin (CMcCubbin & Co) – Charles is a Fortune 500 business process advisor with 20 years of experience designing and building computer networks. Charles specializes in small business and presents disaster recovery in terms of business, HR and business insurance.

Warning: Adult (explicit) language, serious and sensitive business topic. All advice is provided as is with no warranty or guarantee, whatsoever.
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Note: This is a 2 parter: Episode #3 is on general topic of small business disaster recovery planning and business continuity. Episode #4 (next week with Jeff Middleton) will be a more technical and focused view of implementing backups and disaster recovery for SBS 2003.

10 Responses to SBS Show Episode #3 – Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning for SBSers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great intro music, goes hand in hand with the gangsta id3 tag. You guys are so funny.

  2. Bob says:

    Love the intro music and I think it adequately represents how we felt about it here in Broward. Disaster recovery is one thing, dealing with no power telephone or internet is quite another. In hurricane events its always best to have a plan and a course of action beforehand so you can take care of all the other problems that pop up – like not having a fence anymore.

    Great show, still listening and taking notes. This is like a 20 page book on backup practices and you guys just gave it away. Amazing, thank you!

  3. Jeff C. says:


    I found out about your show from the post you made on Microsoft Small Business Channel mailing list.

    I do not fit the same crowd as most people posting there so I just lurk and try to learn. I am responsible for my company’s SBS server and workstations and am trying to learn as much as I can.

    I just listened to episode #3 and thanks to you and your guests I have several pages of suggestions and ideas to discuss with my boss in the morning. While we do not have much critical stuff we cannot rebuild as a print shop I simply cannot believe how much is possible with just $300. I do not believe we can pass up the opportunity to protect ourselves for so little. We have received quotes for tape drivers, off-site storage, direct storage and other pricy things but nothing was in the range you talked about.

    I just want to thank you and your guests for all the sharing. You have helped a small Utah print shop get a backup process started and althoguh we are not as boring as your guest suggested I hope we never have a need for the backups. For $300 we will not take the risk tho. Thanks again for this show, you’ve got a fan in Utah.

    Jeff C.

  4. Brian Kruse says:

    Another great show! Thanks for putting together a lot of good information. Two things I should have mentioned while talking with you is that everyone needs to remember to test the backups! They don’t do any good if their faulty. Another thing is regarding safe deposit boxes…these are great, but keep in mind that they are not waterproof. During last years storms I know of several bank vaults that were flooded from the rains that leaked through the AC system. I’d recommend putting hard drives/tapes in a waterproof case inside the box.

    Oh, and didn’t mean anything bad about Utah! Sorry.

    Thanks again guys!

  5. Anne Fields says:

    Wow, 5000 downloads in a week? Now that is something to celebrate though knowing you I’m not surprised even a little bit. Way to put energy into this I think you’re doing everyone a great service.

    One suggestion I have is to add some “bumper” music between your phone calls, it is rather obvious when you cut from one person to another. Another useful feature would be show notes with timestamps so that one can cut to what they wanted to hear. Last thing I would add would be show notes and quotes. You can do a summary of what was discussed instead of describing your guests – that is something they should do to sell themselves. You should be promoting the show and the subject to get people interested in the topic, not the people.

    Just my $0.02. SBS Show Rocks!

  6. JenMeiners says:

    I really enjoyed the show and I must commend you on the number of women you’ve invited on so far. I know we’re a minority in this line of work and for you to give us such a huge voice and show so much respect… I’m impressed, thank you.

  7. happyfunboy says:

    hey…don’t thank us jen.

    we’re just contacting the folks who we think totally rock in this sector.

    in some cases, those people happen to be female…in other cases, they happen to be male.

    we’d prolly put a cocker spaniel on sbs show if 1.) it could talk and be entertaining, and 2.) it was an expert on Sharepoint customization (or .NET, or database server optimization, or what-have-you).

    so better to applaud the ladies for kicking butt at what they do.

    only total nimrods would fail to recognize their expertise.

    we might be knuckleheads…but we’re not that far gone! 🙂

  8. Stevereno says:

    I have to complement you on same day delivery. The PSS folks take a couple of days to get their podcast out. Oh the agility of small business!

    Perhaps next show you can talk a bit about:

    Testing your backups to make sure that are really going to work when you need them.

    Restore to new hardware in case of theft. How does SBS react to differences in hardware when you do this?

    Great job on the podcasts.

  9. MarkStan says:

    Finally got to the show in my queue. Another great episode! Love the gangsta rap – thanks Vlad for keepin’ it real for the rest of us.

    The pacing is good, and you have a great guest lineup. You’ve created a monster. Now all you have to do is get a couple of sponsors, quit your day job, and let all that sweet, sweet internet cash flow in. Oh, wait, that’s my dream 🙂

    Sigh…Stevereno – For the record, the PSS guys always publish Saturday night after midnight when my family is asleep and I have time to do a proper edit. It came out on Sunday this week because I was in the ER getting rehydrated after a bout with stomach flu on Friday night. Sorry, but the wife wouldn’t let me take the laptop to the hospital 😉

  10. happyfunboy says:


    hey man…that’s high praise indeed. thanks!

    and glad to hear you’re on the mend.

    looking forward to this friday’s inside sbs, as always!

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