SBS Show Episode #4 – Recovering SBS in Crisis
Posted: 11:42 pm
November 14th, 2005
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The fourth SBS Show episode was a more technical look at disaster recovery with Jeff Middleton and Scott Buchanan. We put the scare tactics aside but still had a presentation with two gentlemen that had to do some serious disaster recovery as both went up against a Category 3/4 hurricane and massive flooding. In contrast to episode #3, this show was more about restoring your business and doing things right.

We had a huge audience for show #3 because I suspect a lot of you forwarded this to your customers (or you’re lurking around) – either way, 15,114 people listened to SBS Show episode #3, 33 voice mails and a ton of nice people writing to us. I really appreciate it, thank you for promoting the show and finding the content useful enough to share with others.

So here is what happened:
– Talked to Scott Buchanan of PDQ Computer (
– Talked to Jeff Middleton, MVP of Swing Migration (
– Talked about proper D&R design, implementation and restore process
– Talked about how to personally get organized in a crisis
– Jeff offered an exclusive free pamphlet on “How to move an SBS install intact to new hardware”
– Jeff mentioned the full D&R procedure outline in Harry Brelsford’s “Advanced Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices” book, check that out if you’re interested in an in-depth technical overview.
– All else… check the show for details.

We never imagined we would have this many people interested in the show nor did we ever expect guests as impressive as the ones we’ve featured so far. Thank you for all your support and please keep on letting others know about this!

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