SBS Show Episode #4 – Recovering SBS in Crisis


The fourth SBS Show episode was a more technical look at disaster recovery with Jeff Middleton and Scott Buchanan. We put the scare tactics aside but still had a presentation with two gentlemen that had to do some serious disaster recovery as both went up against a Category 3/4 hurricane and massive flooding. In contrast to episode #3, this show was more about restoring your business and doing things right.

We had a huge audience for show #3 because I suspect a lot of you forwarded this to your customers (or you’re lurking around) – either way, 15,114 people listened to SBS Show episode #3, 33 voice mails and a ton of nice people writing to us. I really appreciate it, thank you for promoting the show and finding the content useful enough to share with others.

So here is what happened:
– Talked to Scott Buchanan of PDQ Computer (
– Talked to Jeff Middleton, MVP of Swing Migration (
– Talked about proper D&R design, implementation and restore process
– Talked about how to personally get organized in a crisis
– Jeff offered an exclusive free pamphlet on “How to move an SBS install intact to new hardware”
– Jeff mentioned the full D&R procedure outline in Harry Brelsford’s “Advanced Windows Small Business Server 2003 Best Practices” book, check that out if you’re interested in an in-depth technical overview.
– All else… check the show for details.

We never imagined we would have this many people interested in the show nor did we ever expect guests as impressive as the ones we’ve featured so far. Thank you for all your support and please keep on letting others know about this!

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12 Responses to SBS Show Episode #4 – Recovering SBS in Crisis

  1. mikeboi says:

    SBS Show, excellent!

    Been waiting for this one for the past 7 days, I can’t wait to hear Jeff’s take on disaster recovery, I heard about his speach at SMB Nation and I hope he shared some of that during the show.

    Staying awake paid off tonight!

  2. Victor Menez says:

    We have an eerily similar taste in music Vlad. Love the bumper songs and you should consider having one during the show for breaks between content.

  3. Another hit! You guys rock! This is definetely a subject near and dear to my heart (and one that’s kept me in business for some time now).

  4. Lance from San Francisco says:

    Still listening to it but you’ve really gone far in the past 3 shows from knuckleheads to really professional content, editing, behavior. I appreciate that level of professionalism most of all, this is a serious subject and you’ve handled it with some class.

    Way to go gentlemen!

  5. Igor Stanski says:

    Great show. Vlad, thank you for bringing out Jeff Middleton, I feel like I just got both the free seminar and a way to have a conversation with someone thats gone through so much. Thank you for doing this.

  6. Mitch Travis says:

    This is one of your best edits as well, some heavy breathing aside, it was all on the same level and I loved the music selection as well.

    You deserve all the success you’re having with this, you’ve found a way to entertain and inform and with SBS thats not an easy thing to do. Kudos to you and Chris and your kickass guests!

  7. happyfunboy says:

    wow…thanks for the comments everybody.

    we’re glad to see that folks recognized a different tone to this episode.

    there is abso-fracking-lutely NOTHING humorous or funny about having to go through the kind of situations scott and jeff have gone through…and are still dealing with.

    so…for us to pop off flippant comments that would undercut the gravity of their remarks…that would be just downright disrespectful. and that’s something we don’t ever want on sbs show.

    honestly, i got so engaged into listening to what scott and jeff had to say…i was just sitting there slack-jawed in amazement for most of the show. 😉

    and…again…the response to sbs show has been nothing short of incredible…and we are very grateful for everybody’s support.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You didn’t air my voicemail! Why bother soliciting it if you’re not going to use it?

  9. Vlad says:


    As I mentioned in the show I could not fit the 32 voicemails into the show and still allow our guests to answer them appropriately. While I appreciate the public input and questions the 32 voicemails ran for well over an hour and I think it is more imperative to have the guests talk instead of the general public asking questions that I can quickly ask on your behalf.

    We never anticipated this would be so big, so fast. There is no physical way I can get as many callers in as I’ve gotten over the past week. We will try to take a call or two every show and then keep a series of questions for a show that I’ll only do with Chris and we’ll go through them one by one and hopefully provide the answers you are looking for.

    Sorry we didn’t air your voicemail, it is nothing personal, we didn’t air 31 others simply because of time constraints.


  10. Jennifer Lee says:

    I love this show!

    I took so many notes from all your guests that I almost have a book. Vlad, thank you for training me how to do disaster recovery, you ought to sell this show as audio book. I would most certainly buy it!

    I was sent here by a friend and I just can’t believe you do this for free. I am shocked. All the other podcasts just touch on one thing or another, you dived into each topic with a different angle and spin and got guests to talk about what they do.

    Again I have no idea how to thank you for sharing all of this!

  11. SBSRocks says:

    Another Great show! you guys are rocking the boat at InsideSBS. they must be thinking they need to add some flare. i really enjoy the quality of your audio and the content just rocks. seems like inside sbs is using a conference room with all using a central speakerphone. But they do bring some great technical info.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You said that Susan sent you a document that had statistics on Business Failure after disasters.. I can’t seem to find it can you post it to the SBS Podcast 4 notes…

    Many Thanks love your work! Keep it up

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