Susan is alive – MSMVPS.COM “getting psyched”

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So Susan's blog sends back a few 503's and the entire SBS population migrates over here. Welcome, sad to disappoint ya, not much going on in the SBS world today. I'm helping with the upbringing of server at the moment and hopefully it will be up shortly. The previous semi-dedicated box just could not handle all the SBSers out there. Stay tuned, it will be up. In the meantime, munch on this: Exchange 12 will allow for file-sharing via RPC-over-HTTP protocol — same way you securely sync up OutlookExchange at the moment. Update: It's ALIVE!!!

2 Responses to Susan is alive – MSMVPS.COM “getting psyched”

  1. SBSRocks says:

    Are you going to tell us the behind the scene details?

  2. Vlad says:

    There really is not a whole lot to it, their previous host had them in a “semi-dedicated” environment.. I don’t know how that is different from “shared” since they didn’t allow direct access to the box at all, but go them.

    The entire move took less than 2 hours, Nick and Chad handled the SQL move I just stood by and watched.. kind of like when you see a construction project and you’re wondering whats going on. 🙂

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