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This has been quite a good week so lets see if we can have a little fun with this one shall we? Below is the picture of Steve Ballmer (CEO of Microsoft) presenting at the Microsoft TechReady conference. Steve is famous for… well… his hurling ability. I have $5 worth of advertising that Vladville has collected over the past 12 hour or so and I'm sharing the wealth. So here is the game: So the person to put the best quote into Steve's mouth gets $5 😉 My guess is: "Wanna bet I can throw this podium over that wall?" P.S. Picture credit 2006 (c) Kevin Remde.

27 Responses to Fun with Microsoft’s CEO

  1. And wait, that’s not all! With every megapack of Vista licenses you get a free t-shirt and a bottle of Viagra!!!

  2. Tim Barrett says:

    “Thanks to the money I made from ‘the magic of software’, Mad Mike from West Coast Customs just installed an XBOX 360 in my private helicopter parked on the roof.”

    …or, the old stand-by…

    Oops, I crapped my pants!

  3. Kevin Remde says:

    “…Greased-Lightening! Gooo Greased-Lightening!…”

    (And it’s my picture, so I should know.)

  4. Tim Barrett says:

    LOL Kevin!

    How bout,

    “If you folks don’t buy Vista, I’ll be living in a VAN down by the RIVER!!

  5. chuck walker says:

    “How does Vista compare with Linux? Okay, Linux is like here (left hand) and Vista is waaaaaaaaay up there!”

  6. Paul Sutton says:

    Not really a quote but it looks like a poor impression of a Heisman trophy!

  7. Jeff Dempsey says:

    (In an unnaturally high pitched voice, singing)
    “Fever night, fever night, fever…”

  8. Ryan S. says:

    “I don’t know what you linux fools think, cuz Vista is stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.. I don’t care what your grep tools say, but Vista is stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive…”

  9. Gavin says:

    FINALLY – After YEARS of kissing nerd butt, my plans come to fruiton….


  10. happyfunboy says:

    “Your jobs? Oh…they went THATAWAY!”

    pointing to India

  11. Vlad says:


    Bwahahahaha…. “Kiss your blue badge good-bye…”

    OMG. I am totally forwarding this over to him.


  12. cscriber says:

    “Viva…. Viva… Las Vegaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss”; Elvis has left the building.

  13. Jim McCanna @ Chicago says:

    “Google share price today vs. Google share price when Vista goes gold.”

  14. Jerz says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    To Microsoft employees in the house: “Fellow shareholders — I thank you for your hard work over the past 7 years, they have been phenomenal! Your stock options are worth this much… now watch me build a castle with mine!”

  16. susan says:

    “Ohh.. Phew.. Hold on, hold on. Ladies & gentlemen thank you for coming. Oh my knee is killing me, I’ve been in that Xbox line for hours while Billy is out playing with kids at Best Buy.”

  17. seeyaa says:

    “Man, my legs are killing from kicking MSRC’s ass for a week to release a patch to WMF. No worries, my chopper is on the roof.”

  18. Paul Y says:

    And remember, uncle Bill will be watching over us all from on high.

  19. “I am going to Disney World!!!”

  20. Jack says:

    “If you take a job with Google I’m gonna stick my foot up your *** this deep!”

  21. Vlad says:

    This one came via email from a popular Microsoft blogger…

    “And that Scoble guy can go to Google if he keeps telling me how to run the company.” 🙂


  22. Dave says:

    Yeah, you’ve gotta patch! You got a problem with that you can get the hell outta here!

  23. Dave says:

    Sorry…one more.

    That’s not how you spell my name!

  24. sedspater says:

    In the middle of a world record star jump attempt Microsoft supremo SB pulls a tendon. (and yes, it WAS on a feverish Saturday Night)

  25. terryd says:

    Vladville is up there!

  26. Jerz says:

    Yes, it is quite clear to me now. He’s stealing a quote from Ted Nugent… “If anyone wants to get mellow you can get the hell out of here right now…. alright?!!!”

  27. Bob says:


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