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Bad Employee Treatment at Microsoft

IT Business, Microsoft

This one is for all my friends at Microsoft that haven't killed me (yet): The bitchslap of the week award goes to Bill Gates commenting on the $100 computer: ""If you are going to go have people share the computer, … Continue reading

Oh sweet RSS Irony

Open Source

So I'm going through my local Linux user group mailing list and a thread with the subject "[GoLugTech] Is this do-able in linux?" pops up. Alright, I'm intrigued if something can be done with Linux, what do you need? Are … Continue reading

Microsoft Small Business Summit a Failure?

Events, Microsoft, SMB

There is a lot of public bashing about Microsoft Small Business Summit being a failure. From webcasts crashing to the poor application design all the way to the following line mentioned in the newsgroups: "This has got to be the … Continue reading

Why become a Microsoft partner?

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I was playing an interesting game with a friend called "who is the real Microsoft partner" among registered Microsoft partners. But what, oh what, could these guys find in the Microsoft Partner Program if their primary (or secondary or tertiary) … Continue reading

Commercial Office Space

IT Business, Misc

Ok, so this is a little off-topic from what is usually on my mind but I think it would be helpful to a lot of you. Following piece was written by Dana Epp, fellow Security MVP, on the subject of … Continue reading

Google Desktop leaves Beta

Google, Web 2.0

Google Desktop is supposed to leave the beta stage and go live today. I initially got GDS for search purposes but what made me stay is the near infinite number of widgets that are developed by others – most even … Continue reading

Best Buy now Gold Certified Partner

IT Business, Microsoft

Best Buy is now a Gold Certified Partner in addition to being trained by Harry Brelsfords books. There has been relatively little interest in this by IT consultants but having dealt with Microsoft Partners for over a decade I can … Continue reading

Ewic Wigman Hunting Piwates

IT Business, Microsoft

Just a quick update on all the piracy talk we had on Vladville a little earlier last month. It seems that a number of meetings that Eric was in have taken some fruit and there is at least some stronger … Continue reading

Gentlemen, start your leeching!

Misc, Web 2.0

Ah, today feels like 1994 with a T3 and a leech account on a warez site. Today marks one of the most exciting days for download junkies in quite some time. Endless ways to destroy your computer with poorly tested … Continue reading

SBS Show #18 – ISA & Firewalls with Amy Babinchak

SBS Show

SBS Show 18 is an adult and with the age of maturity we look at a responsible topic of protecting your network with a firewall. Amy Babinchak (ISA MVP) joins us for an hour of basic questions about firewalls and … Continue reading