SBS & Mobility Whitepaper

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The SBS & WM5 whitepaper has been released earlier this week. Download it here. I was on the edit team and was not paid so if you don't like it…. $245 to answer questions. Really its quite good, the only missing thing is the part about the ISA 2000 paper. I guess they were really aiming for the sales-side and ground-level technicians and assumed people didn't use ISA 2000 in SBS which is why you won't be able to use this document to get push mail to work. As a slightly higher end resource, check out the Inside SBS podcast on mobility which aired recently. Peter was also on the edit team and was the first one of us to get MSFP so if you've got $245 he is the man to call. I'm installing the new PBX so I probably won't pick up the phone 🙂 Update: Apparently I did not get the final published doc, in which the stuff bounced between me, Mike, Vanitha and Lawrence ended up in the doc. Thanks to Michael Cocanower for bringing this up to my attention.