IE7 is Out: Will anyone care?

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Over ten years after the “Midnight Madness” launch of Internet Explorer 5, Microsoft is set for yet another launch of another odd number release. The circumstances are similar – Microsoft is bringing little to nothing new to the table, playing catchup and building on the (in)security record worse than nearly any other Internet-aware application. Personally, I do not intend to upgrade until Vista cycle when Microsoft will try to force it down my throat… which interestingly enough is how they managed to position themselves with IE5 and eliminate Netscape in the first place.

So, history repeating itself or a revolutionary new step for Microsoft security? Click here to find out. Personally I’m going to bed, the browser wars may no longer be relevant and I feel IE7 proves that with a me-too-er they just put up for download. Good luck boys.

6 Responses to IE7 is Out: Will anyone care?

  1. Susan says:

    So understanding that IE is still an integral part of the OS, just because you run Firefox you think this isn’t even a smidge better than IE 6 to justify the very fast upgrade?

    As long as we’re all running with admin rights, we’re still at risk because it’s still under the hood.

    No browser is secure as long as we’re surfing on boxes that can download anything.

  2. Workinghard says:


    Deploying it as we speek … 35 + client PC’s, 6+ Servers …

    Looking good so far.

    Browser wars? I’ve been out of kinder garden to long for that. IE fits our needs best for teh moment so we stick with it. Users here are not admin 🙂

    Server browsing serverly restricted no matter what browser.


  3. Greg says:

    Susan “smidge” doesn’t matter if I don’t know what IE7 will break. Given Microsoft’s recent problems in testing I am also going to wait until the absolutely last moment possible.

    Only fools update on day 0.

  4. Mark says:

    You didn’t say if you installed it or not Vlad?

  5. WorkingHard says:

    This fool has had the several releases in test for a while now om various systems … and after the fools come the “wise” who install the stuff based on what the fools feed back on their experience? And that’s considered wise? You make a plan, you test, verify, adapt and make a decision. It all depends on you risk and what it mattters to you when it breaks and what it breaks … I’ll install it company wide after a life test on 50+ systems and that feedback will be my own. Cheers

  6. Susan says:

    Greg — install it … see what breaks.. if things do … uninstall it. But like Vlad said… this is our job out here, right?

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