SBS CAL Activations Not Working

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Straight from da man:

We’ve had several reports of SBS CAL activations failing.  We’re currently looking in to the situation and will post an update here as soon as we have more information.  This only affects CALs at this point, server and all other product activations are working properly.

This one got me as well, so if you call to activate by phone you’ll experience the same issue. The CSR I spoke to had me reboot because they could not validate the installation ID. Upon reboot the new installation ID did not work either so just hold on for now and wait for an update from the SBS Team Blog.

P.S. Ask them where Inside SBS Podcast went. It’s dead, isn’t it? Ooooh, they are just too busy with work to provide me with entertainment, for free? Totally unacceptable! Put down everything you’re doing and entertain me you monkey!

Oh, no, not talking about the SBS Show at all here

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  1. morganman24 says:

    I got a retail full version copy of XP Home and the copy would not take its own product key. and I check it 10 times to be absolute I had not typo it.
    I even has someone else do it. Still says “Invalid product key entered”
    took it back and did exchange it.
    It worked after that.
    By the way, it was bought at Staples 3 months ago.
    Why is Microsoft messing this stuff up now after all these years of product keys?
    You would think they have it down pat by now.

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