So, did you go to the Vista launch?


Microsoft finally launched Vista in retail last night in USA. In 1995, 2000 and 2002, this was when hundreds of people would line up and wait for it. Here is what actually happened in 2007, courtesy of Greg Kirkpatrick:

I went to the 10pm-2am Windows Vista launch at CompUSA in Deerfield Beach, FL.

About 60 people were lined up, awaiting the doors to open.  About 15 of them told me they were not there to buy or look at Vista.  That was evident as big-screen TVs, monitors, and other software went out the door in the first hour.  A few more people arrived closer to midnight, but less than 30 customers were present at the stroke of Vista day.

As I have one customer that has to be the first for everything, I purchased Windows Vista Ultimate upgrade for $259.99 — and I’d guess that about 5-10 more copies of Vista were sold by 12:30am, when I left the store (mostly Home Premium).

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  1. mavmesa says:

    Oh yes. I went, foolish person that I was. My experience is recorded here : Saves me the retyping 🙂

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