And I’m Back Update

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I’m back, Vladville is back. You may exhale now, things are back to normal.

I am sorry that it took so long to get Vladville back together. It was a number of things. First, I made a committment to myself that Vladville will not be back online until I made sure I’ve integrated all the functions I needed for Vladville to be useful. Second, I had a ton of fun in New Orleans and I really did not feel like working on the blog code. But it’s Wednesday and I’m caught up, the blog is where it needs to be and things are clicking along. There isn’t anything new here (unless you look really carefully) but the code and the integration on the backend will finally allow me to do what I’ve been dreaming, promising and coming to terms with over the past year or so.

The Mistakes

As the Vladville popularity and audience grew I’ve felt a huge sense of obligation to keep certain things going, certain things I should have allowed to die long ago.

I’ve made far too many mistakes, ranging from talking about things and people I had no right to talk about all the way to being outright wrong about so many things I’ve lost count of. That is always a risk you take when you speak your mind.

I’ve stood up for things that were wrong, to protect the people that would have (or already have) thrown me under the bus at the first opportunity.

Most of all, I’ve been wrong about the people.


… and while I can’t and don’t want to change who I am and what I stand for, it has been clear to me that I need to step up my game for those of you that are willing to learn, and a little more importantly, are willing to share. No, I won’t tell you what I’m up to or what the big plan is but there are good times ahead, I hope you join me.