Is that an SBSC logo in your window?

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Eric writes about how SBSC partners will be recognized for their SBSC certification at a location basis instead of the organization as a whole. This is particularly useful for us bigger folks with multiple points of presence because we now have the ability to showcase our expertise in each location we have an SBSC qualified individual. (multiple locations = multiple listings = mo leads = mo money) 

In less than two years that SBSC has been around it has really matured into a seriously relevant Microsoft program. For a list of additional changes please check out the blog post over at Small Business Community Blog.

Wishlist: Bring to USA some of the recertification requirements that UK has. There are too many people in the program already that barely passed 70–282 and with the bootcamp and paper-SBSC conferences popping up it could seriously damage the credibility of the program if a person that is 70% comfortable with SBS/Vista is allowed to continue advertising themselves as a certified entity years after they have been certified. While I’m sure things are wide open to grow awareness, participation and membership in SBSC I hope Microsoft soon considers measures that control the quality of the program’s members.

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  1. mdalligood says:

    “I hope Microsoft soon considers measures that control the quality of the program’s members.”

    You mean like they do for every certified community program they have? You knew it was just a matter of time before this affected the SBSC.

  2. vlad says:

    In many respects, SBSC is far different (better) than any other Microsoft certification or business certification program available there, and they have significantly distanced themselves from other Microsoft programs by showing a tangible benefit both to the customer and to the partner where the value in this program is.

    Do that for MicrosoftBS/Dynamics, MCSE, Microsoft Certified Partner and so on and you will NOT see the same level of committment. For example, you go to the smallbiz sites and the logo is everywhere. Go to an enterprise server area, I beg you to find 1 page with a Gold Certified Partner logo on it. Other programs are also just a matter of documentation and payment processing, SBSC has real training, business development, specialized offers and far more that helps build credibility in the program.

    Frankly, this is a lot better than anything else Microsoft is doing for it’s partners. It doesn’t even stand a comparison. I am just wishing they consider the same strict guidelines that the UK group has made.


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  4. Tim Long says:

    The re-qualification requirements we have here in the UK seem to work well and everyone has been really positive about re-certification right from the start. It’s not really difficult to requalify. The requirement is to submit two customer references and attend some community events. It is a fairly small but definite level of commitment and I think it enhances tha value of the programme. You should definitely lobby to introduce the requirement for requalification in America, too.

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