People Scare Me

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To this day, Vladville receives most traffic to the technical articles I have written in the past (for the most part in the long, long ago past) and I had to curb it because people would stumble upon them and in desperation tried to contact me to see if I could save them. I can’t blame them, but I can’t help the amount of volume that comes through either.

The other day I posted a really quick series of screenshots on how to setup IP restrictions on Exchange 2003 / SBS 2003 so that your Exchange server will only accept connections coming from my ExchangeDefender network. In three days the corp blog has received more traffic than it has received since it was launched. Cummulatively. That means all the visitors from day 1 to about Wednesday were outnumbered by the visits to the last post in just a few days. That scares me. 

And I don’t mean to sound arrogant or go all guru on you, but holly crap, if that basic of a tip is helpful you need to hold on to your keyboard very firmly and pull with all your might, pull Betsy, till it breaks both the keyboard and the socket off the motherboard and sends you flying off your chair into the nearest wall. Then at least you can blame the server malfunction for the Exchange exploding in such a phenomenal way. In a slightly less graphic way, Exchange administration, while not beyond the means of intelligent people, does require some basic training and knowledge – and learning should never take place in realtime on a production server following the directions you found on “some blog” written by “some guy”.

Please.. please seek professional help.

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  1. RussGrover says:

    I’d have to agree, I’m not an Expert by far, but Some of the questions I’ve had people ask me that are getting Paid to Install Servers, Some of them even charging more per hour than I do. I often think? What are you doing as this as a career?

    I also see posts from people in newsgrous that state thier client needs blah blah and I was doing this…

    And you Roll your eyes on what they are doing, then 4 or 5 MVPs and others like myself say “DON’t” do that, and STILL they want to do their CRAZY idea.

    Yes I realize that not everyone knows “everything”, but usually most poeople don’t venture out in the “Consulting” Sector until they have years and years of experiance.

    But even if you don’t have years of Experiance there are TONS of Books out there, you can even get them 1/2 off sometimes at

    There was a post recently on, I have a new client and I need to know how to set up Exhange on SBS2003 the other day, Someone said Click this then this.

    I was like, UH? there’s more than just Click this and this IMO to properly setup Exchange…

    I guess the Fake it untill you make it, is really popular…

    Now Days…

    God help us all…

  2. Rustty says:

    Aaahhh Vlad after 20+yrs in IT, you learn to love and respect those of lesser intellectual fortune, you find yourself going out of your way to assist them when and where you can.
    Even when they ring at 2am on monday morning to ask how they can recover that word document they deleted after they emailed it to the wrong email contact.
    Or when a collegue quantly recites that classical line from that well known shakesperien comedy “I know it should be done your way – but mine is what the client is expecting”
    Or those times that the Exch Admin and DBA almost come to blows over whom has the best memory management design on their Personal SBS 4.5 Server….

    Sorry Vlad I am new to your site and I can already see lots of red wine and a win 98SE rbuild to run carmageddon with the splat pak in your future.

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