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E tu, Crallus?


From the “It’s only negative when Vlad criticizes it” department comes a blog post from Mark Crall beating up the Lifestyle business segment of the IT population. For what its worth, I love the “lifestyle business” movement and if I … Continue reading

Praise & Purpose

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Got some pretty big praise for the blog from Karl Palachuk over the weekend, though to be honest it’s pretty high praise every time anyone links to this blog: You may not agree with everything he says, or the way … Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to 2007

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Just one more business day left to go and I can breathe another sigh of relief that we’ve made it out of 2007. Businesswise, 2007 was as phenomenal of a year as it was frustrating. Every month was the record … Continue reading

WordPress 2.3.2 patches a security issue


Of note for us WordPress fans is the release of WordPress 2.3.2, urgent release fixing a bug that can reveal the contents of your draft posts and database table structure. Upgrading WordPress tends to be very simple – just grab … Continue reading

Arthur Miller & Death of a SMBTechSalesman

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From the mailbag ( (excerpt from longer email): Did you say SMB IT is slowing down? Is this nationwide or just your area? What I actually blogged about previously was not the slowdown in the SMB IT, but that more … Continue reading

Apologies & Retractions


I’ve got just one thing to say: Friends don’t let friends blog under the influence of Nyquil. This was a rather miserable week for me. I went to visit the family and inlaws last Friday – Christmas and my parents … Continue reading

New Years Resolutions or Last Years Mistakes

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Pre-emptive DFWVF post, since it’s almost Friday and things are kindda light so I wanted to share something different with you: Those who don’t learn from their mistakes are bound to repeat them. This is the time of the year … Continue reading

You’ve got… SPAM!

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Oh, and we also released the SPAM Monitor tool today for ExchangeDefender. It sits on your taskbar and every hour pops up a bubble saying “You’ve got this much SPAM” allowing the user to click on the box and get … Continue reading

Relaxing.. Focusing.. Grooming Pointy Hair..

Shockey Monkey

Today, I am the perfect Pointy Haired Boss from Dilbert Comics. Not only because I run a software company or the genetically deformed head that extends outward symmetrically right where the pointy hair grows, but because I downed three bottles … Continue reading

Vlad Big Book of IT Firm Staffing

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From the mailbag: “Just because you’re a sociopath doesn’t disqualify people who won’t carry a mobile phone every time they leave their house from working in the IT field.” Dear “IT professional”, since blog comment concept seems to be … Continue reading