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Please blog more so we don’t have to learn…

System Admin

Is it just me or has the age of RTFM, labs and testing passed away? This is perhaps one of the areas myself and another very well respected leader in the SMB IT space (not Susan) disagree the most – … Continue reading

The Sunshine State


I thought long and hard whether to post this or not. It’s not for the faint of heart, even compared to the usual fun and gun quality of 3rd grade abomination of the English language you find on Vladville. Proceed … Continue reading

Password is password

SMB, System Admin
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Damn CPA’s getting pwn3d all over the place. For the billionth time, when working with someone in the Accounting industry remind them: “password” is not a good password. It doesn’t matter that you have an antivirus installed. Now back to … Continue reading

Patriotic Jackassery Starting To Sting

IT Business

Once upon a time my greatest joy in Own Web Now was being able to pick up a paper and start pointing at businesses that are our clients. “We got their money, their money, oh their money, too.” There is … Continue reading

Corporate Democracy is a Myth


Reprinted without permission from The Icahn Report, it’s that important that you read it as big or as small as you are as a CEO. The truth of the matter is, once you go public it’s no longer your company, … Continue reading

Here you go..

System Admin

For quite some time we in the IT industry have enjoyed a great reputation as problem solvers, designers, creators, architects of peoples IT dreams, if you will. It’s not an easy job, it’s not a low skills job and you … Continue reading

Firefox 3 Download Day

Open Source
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Firefox 3.0 is being released today and the folks over at Mozilla want to set a Guinness Book World Record for most downloads! So aside from being a fantastic browser you also get to be a part of history! Check … Continue reading

Eating Lunch Alone

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This week, I will be eating lunch alone at Annies down the street. I intend to sit there by myself with a little paper notebook and brainstorm all the ways in which we suck as far as our organization is … Continue reading

Yup, still love my job!

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I’m fairly proud of this weekend mostly because I got a lot of things done. It really goes back to Friday when I didn’t take my usual DFWVF and instead worked with one of the new guys on some new … Continue reading

The Fear of Honesty


Every now and then I get that tap on the shoulder, someone wants to chat with me in a dark corner and ask if I am about to offend people with what I say, think, believe and do. You see, … Continue reading