Yes, I’m on FriendFeed

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Succumbing to peer pressure, I have setup a FriendFeed account. For the voyers among you, here you go:

Personally, if you want to chat I’d rather you either email me ( or MSN IM me ( but if you’re on the Friendfeed crack I’m right there with you.

I have to note though that I find the amount of information this site delivers quite disturbing. I tied in a few of my services and if you follow the trail line you can probably guess what I had for lunch from it too along with a full dental record. My god, that is a lot of information available completely anonymously and it even sucks all my friends in too so you can tell exactly the kind of relationships I have with people. Scary. I guess I’ll have to curb my habbit of ordering brides on eBay and befriending little girls on MySpace in light of all this! Damn it! And I just got good at it, too!