Erick Kills Another Forest

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ServiceDeliveryBook200Just as everyone prepares to go green my buddy Erick Simpson takes out another huge chunk  of Brazil with the latest masterpiece – the best IT Service Delivery Book Ever. You can preorder it now and save $50 on it.  I’ve already placed an order for mine and might get a few more for my team as service delivery is pretty much what we do around here.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what Erick drops in this book, if its like the other ones it will be packed full of useful templates and humor. We’ll even try to give a few away @ OWN so if you want to try your luck first go at it 🙂

I’m also well on my way through my own book on Service Delivery but it will be quite different than what Erick has written. Take a moment to review his table of contents, it’s COMPREHENSIVE and thats even selling it short. So you should pretty much get both.

What am I up to? Well, in the past ten years of managing and building the service business and working with thousands of people doing it (with random degrees of success) I’ve found it that the culture of service is a little more important than the process and forms and basics. Even if you got all the right templates, even if you hired the right people, even if you’ve targeted the right audience and got everything together one PSA side and accounting side….. you’re still doomed to fail if the people and processes you’ve put together are not on the same page you need them to be. To provide consistently exceptional service you have to understand your service teams needs, problems and issues and you have to constantly teach, motivate and mentor your team to do their best with the people that trust their business to you.

If you’ve hired a person that you’ve had to let go, or if you hate the idea of having to manage techs, I’m gonna be taking your money pretty soon 🙂 But to get to that point you need to have your corporate goals together and The Simpsons will help you do it for $100.