If there is one thing that pisses me off….


It’s the people that want the credit and respect but are unwilling to work for it. Sorry bro, you’ve got to earn stuff in life and plenty of people and organizations exist to extend the opportunity and help you get going- but if you do nothing with it you’ve only got yourself to blame.

It’s Sunday, WTF are you going to do with your day?

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  1. Damn brother, it was only 11:30 when you posted this. What pissed you off before noon??

  2. vlad says:

    Some crap from yesterday. Perennial one man shops that consider themselves the crowning achievements of ethics and SMB understanding instead of failures.


  3. Oh, so you were talking about me… 🙂

  4. David Benet says:

    I think you have to just let the lifestyle business people be content to keep their business dealings limited to where they are comfortable.

    Both sides of the argument have strong feelings about where they are heading. Unfortunately, people with a strong drive to grow and expand are going to look upon a lifestyle business person and shake their head in disbelief.

  5. DJ says:

    If someone wants to avoid the hassles & stress associated with employees and doesn’t know someone who would make a good partner in the business. What choice does one have but to be a one man shop?

    Why does working better solo than as part of a team make one a failure? Does everyone have to build a large multi-employee firm to prove themselves a business success? Is someone really more successful just because can employ a team of technicians to keep a hundred clients happy, than the solo operator who works alone and keeps a dozen clients just as happy?

    I understand that there are some fly by night operations out there but not all of them are solo operations and not all solo operations are fly by night.


  6. Bob Groger says:

    Sorry I pissed you off, bro.
    There are more paths to fulfillment than yours. You choose to make money, we choose to have a life. I never asked for any respect or credit, only that you not denigrate my choice to do what I want with my life. This is America, after all….
    See sbs2k Yahoo group for both sides.

  7. vlad says:


    I understand, and I did not mean to take a personal hit at you in any way, but the business model that some of the smallbiz consultants are perpetuating is dangerous and gives all of us a bad name. Just because today your skills are worth a bit of a premium that doesn’t mean they will tomorrow and advocating a “lifestyle” business with diminishing margins is something that will put a lot of people out of business/career.

    I am not even the guy who came up with the SPF acronym, but you know what I hear all day and every day Bob?

    “Vlad, can you recommend someone to come help us. We need help but we don’t want a one man shop, we want to do this as a business with an established company”

    I am the only, and the most hated for doing so, guy who sits out there and challenges this notion that one man business is something sustainable.


  8. vlad says:

    ….. and I catch shit about it from all angles from people that are racing towards obscurity instead of trying to build something.


  9. vlad says:


    We all have a choice.


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