Microsoft Launches Microsoft Online


Earlier today Microsoft enabled end-user customers to purchase software and services directly from a Microsoft site, completely bypassing the partner community. While there is a bit about contacting Microsoft Partners for support services if you sit on the site for a few seconds you will be greeted by a popup and a person all too happy to take your money:


Meet Heidi:


There you go. As one of my partners called in and stated today:

“So they just told me not to bother with licensing and IT training on their products anymore, I’m just a sales guy…”

No, that would be Heidi, Bob… Now the last time I told you this was coming I got under a fair bit of criticism. As I said in the past, Microsoft is the only one that truly knows how much value is in the Partner Program and what the bottom tier accounts for. Is this one of Microsoft’s giant mistakes or a well educated business plan change is pretty much their problem.

Not all bad news, you can always come and work for me. 🙂

There you have it folks, this is how it all ends.

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  1. Jules says:


    Where do I apply?

    Need anyone to cover european time zones?

    Although I dont mind relocating to Florida 🙂

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