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MSP Week in Review

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I’m blogging this at 30,000 ft aboard Airtran 737 – and by the time you read this on Sunday, I will be living the Pirates of the Carribean scene: “So you just layed around on the beach and drank rum?” … Continue reading

Blogging High


Really high.. 30,000 feet high! I’m on my way to Baltimore for MSP University bootcamp, flying my favorite airline, Airtran. Airtran is pretty much a bus with jets, a step above Greyhound and a step below BlueJet. But when you … Continue reading

Really looking forward to MSP University Bootcamp

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I am really looking forward to the MSP University bootcamp this week. It’s in Baltimore at the end of this week and is my last big thing for this quarter before we get into the summer of announcements. I’m excited … Continue reading

Coping with CPLS

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Chronic Payment Latency Syndrome, or CPLS, is the modern version of “check is in the mail” and is something your A/R can share with you along with many funny stories. Things like: My card was lost/stolen 2 weeks ago, Amex … Continue reading

Illegal or motivated?

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I really enjoy reading biased H1-B articles that pin the unemployment market against the evil corporations that need highly skilled workers. You can read one here, published on Friday. One notable quote jumps out: Businesses like Google (GOOG), Intel (INTC), … Continue reading

Feedback from Game Over

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My last post titled Game Over raised some eyebrows. I got a ton of very interesting feedback from all over the spectrum (as far as I can match you to your revenue/company size within OWN via SM). The responses fall … Continue reading

Game Over Part Deux (Serious Post)

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It’s the second quarter of the year, time to write one serious post without the Vladville act. I’ve decided to make this once-a-quarter event as to not distract the audience withe unfortunate reality (but tremendous opportunity) we find ourselves in. … Continue reading

Vlad does Tech Support


Today is “Beat Vlad” day at Own Web Now, where everyone brings me their problems and I solve them. I haven’t really booked anything else so I’m at my desk just answering questions. I made a mistake of opening the … Continue reading

Getting SAS-IIey

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I’ve blogged repeatedly about some mistakes we’ve made during the growth surge that has not yet showed any sign of slowing down. Initially, we focused on just keeping things going and fixing things as they broke. Then we fixed things, … Continue reading

Long week…


This is shaping up to be a long week @OWN. Here is something that brightened my day a little, I felt compelled to share it as most of my good stuff now ends up in the SPAM Show anyhow 😉 … Continue reading