Vlad does Tech Support


Today is “Beat Vlad” day at Own Web Now, where everyone brings me their problems and I solve them. I haven’t really booked anything else so I’m at my desk just answering questions. I made a mistake of opening the public IM client and the following ensued. Basically, client asked for help with the FTP permissions.

Vlad Mazek says:
Vlad Mazek says:
Bob says:
  It wouldn’t be such a big deal, but he tells me he has a 30,000.00 deal riding on this.  I don’t know how you sell that much in pictures.
Vlad Mazek says:
Vlad Mazek says:
  by the amount, I’m guessing it’s specialty porn
Vlad Mazek says:
  midgets and such
Vlad Mazek says:
  anyhow, I’m gonna go work on your Frontpage now.

Another day, another satisfied customer 😉

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  1. Scott Cover says:

    I really doubt the market for midget porn is “big enough”… 🙂

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