Travel Plans this Quarter


Here is a quickie overview of where we’ll be in case you want to meet us, hang out with us, get the new ExchangeDefender shirts, etc.

Tomorrow/Thursday – ASCII Chicago – Nicole

2nd week of July – Microsoft WPC NOLA – Vlad, Nicole, Travis, Jen

1st week of August – CompTIA Las Vegas – Vlad, Nicole, Travis, Jen

2nd week of August – MSPU Los Angeles – Vlad & whoever draws the short straw.

There may be other smaller events through August that I am not aware of….

3 Responses to Travel Plans this Quarter

  1. Erick says:

    Things must be going well if you’re spending big money, huh daddy?

  2. mickeyj says:

    Ludavlad: Vladda Vladda doing pretty damn good 😉

  3. vlad says:


    Things have been going great, quarter after quarter of good news, ExchangeDefender is by all means dominating everything it touches, so yeah, why not spend some time and money with the partners and have a good time?


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