Great week for Autotask!

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It’s a good week to be an Autotask User! Tomorrow at noon eastern the ExchangeDefender team officially kicks off the Autotask integration showcase, starting with the Autotask webcast event..

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Thursday, October 1, 2009: 12:00 pm

Autotask has the strongest integration with OWN/ExchangeDefender, somehow even better than our own stuff (because our API was written in 3 hours and they have like 3,000 people working on theirs) and everyone that’s seen this “1.0” release is blown away with what we’ve been able to do. We’ve taken the top three things that any MSP and service provider has to waste their time on when dealing with an external vendor.. and we’ve automated them with Autotask.

Now in interest of full disclosure: Why? Why spend thousands of dollars developing software for someone elses platform to automate what we might be able to do in house? Because (and this is Business 101): if we reduce the time required to manage, deploy, support and bill for our solutions then the price and minor feature gaps make our actual competitors in the antispam, offsite backups, hosted Exchange/SharePoint irrelevant. So what if you can get it for a quarter less somewhere else, the first time you need to waste time double entering tickets or copying and pasting the number of seats from your other providers to Autotask you will lose far more than a few pennies here and there. And that… is the operational efficiency you get with Autotask.

In other news…

My buddy (and hopefully still a SPAM Show co-host) Mark Crall has a new job with Autotask! This is certainly an amazing hire for Autotask as they continue to move forward… but a small part of me hopes that Mark already cashed his check:


Way to go Mark!!!!

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