What I wish I knew 10 years ago

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Earlier tonight I was in my driveway (King of the Hill style) washing our cars with my son and wife and remarked: “We’ve got some nice s*@#’”; It got me thinking about one thing I learned the hard way that I wish I knew ahead of time. So if I were to time travel and talk to the 21 year old self this is what I’d say:

“There is no such thing in life as work-life balance. Your work is your life, your life is your work and the more you try to split who you are on arbitrary hours of selfish focus on family, friends, job, etc the more you’ll fail at everything.”

I truly believe that. And it took a lot of out-of-office clarity to realize it.

Life is not worth living if it’s managed by an accountant on a spreadsheet. Think about it. I can’t imagine how hard my wife would kick me in the balls if I walked up to her and said: “I have 1 hour set aside for the intimate stuff. Let’s go, I have a hard stop at 11 to go do some yard work.”

I have been lucky to become very successful. Yes, it took a lot of hard work and dedication of a lot of people, but it could have failed as well. I’ve also been very lucky to marry a girl that loves me, to have a healthy kid, to hire some amazing people and fire/frustrate the right ones along the way too. But one regret I do have is that I think I would have had a lot more fun along the way if I didn’t do it all so hardcore.

So Hakuna Matata, thanks to all my friends and followers that read this blog, I’m working on something I think will be very helpful to many of you and tomorrow I start asking for input, so get your knowitall vitamins and start writing to vlad@vladville.com 🙂

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  1. Vlad Mazek says:

    Looking at this post again this morning and seeing the emails that stemmed from it, I don’t know that there is a “balance” to “focus”. You can either switch it on and off or you can’t. I guess that’s why so many people do stupid stuff in their 20’s 😉

    I guess this is just personal. I’d say, if you have a job you hate, you should quit it today. If you have a job that sucks so hard that you have to go to it every day just to survive and then take 1 week or 2 weeks a year where you can enjoy your life on a vacation, you would have less than 4 moths of fun every 10 years. That doesn’t seem to be worth it.


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