If you could have a do-over..

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How much do you think it would cost to build an exact replica of your business?

Put it on the paper. Start with the simple stuff like incorporation, legal fees, accounting fees, software and hardware leases (let’s assume that the business will grow rapidly and “buying” stuff doesn’t make any sense) and so on.

Now add in all your processes of delivering the service, training employees and managing clients and vendors. Keep the focus on the process and the costs associated with the process, not the actual delivery cost. For example, expensing out a CareerBuilder.com ad is valid, “wisdom of the master” is not.

Subtract paragraph 1 from paragraph 2.

That’s your net value to the corporation.

If the number is bigger than you imagined, sell. If it’s smaller than you hoped, automate and revise.

Live and learn, try to get better tomorrow. Smile