Antispam Business Endgame

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Some of you that are my friends on Facebook ( have heard me talk about us intending to drop a nuke on the antispam industry. Since we’re way ahead of schedule at Own Web Now, this is getting to market sooner than expected. Here is the basic idea:

In the past year, volume of SPAM to be filtered has gone down over 60%. How about your antispam bill?

Vendors make an excuse that most of the cost in providing the service comes from support, marketing, management and maintenance so the impact to the price you pay cannot be changed.

If you’re an idiot, go ahead and believe it.

The smarter ones among you know the reality of the situation, if the client is not complaining about the price why bother lowering it? Even if you are pressured to do it by the client, it makes no sense to do it because you’re technically better off letting them go through the pain of switching than consider lowering your pricing. What are the odds you lose all of their business, right? Correct, unless you’re building a growing company.

We’ve always operated ExchangeDefender as a growing business and the ExchangeDefender as a antispam product has continued to get additional features that you get charged huge premiums for at other companies that don’t write their own technology but instead partner and license someone elses. So things like LiveArchive, Encryption, Web File Sharing, Web Filtering and so on are incredibly expensive addons everywhere else… so sometimes comparing ExchangeDefender that gets all of that for $1.50 to $2.00 depending on volume with something that just does antispam/antivirus can become a losing battle.

So I should offer just the basic (“Essentials”) product for $1.00, bring it to apples and apples, and call it a day?

Where is the fun in that? Smile

If you’re currently reselling our ExchangeDefender Essentials product, or if you are currently selling the full ExchangeDefender product and facing questions about the pricing… I’d like to talk to you. You know where you can find me – Facebook, email, etc.

We’re about to drop a nuke on the antispam business and clear out our competition in this space because honestly… $1.00 for the basics is way too much.