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Exchange 2007 & Outlook 2007 OST Corruptions


Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007 using cached-mode is one of the most powerful marriages in the business software space. But like most marriages, it can be tough when the partners aren’t working together, or when one of them is having … Continue reading

Exchange 2007 & POP3 Access

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Exchange 2007 features a built in POP3 server but by default it is off and will not accept plain text connections. Good luck telling that to a difficult customer who wants to send his password in clear text over the … Continue reading

Exchange 2007 SP1 Limits

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This one is for my buddy Seth who waited for months for the message limits to be lifted. For those of you interested, here is where they are changed in SP1: Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Global Settings > … Continue reading

Mail bouncing due to ORDB failures?

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Check your mail server configuration and make sure you aren’t trying to query the ORDB (Open Relay Database RBL) that went offline two years ago. I’m sitting here in the OWN Atomic Tangerine room filling out some livestock export forms … Continue reading

Time based Outlook 2007 rules


Every now and then time-dependant rule questions come up and today I took a few minutes to figure them out. The good news is, Exchange 2007 transport rules make this easy and seamless. The bad news is, Outlook 2007 can … Continue reading

Exchange ActiveSync in iPhone

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Courtesy of PC World, Apple today announced that 1.1.5 will ship with Exchange ActiveSync functionality which will, for all intents and purposes, make iPhone “business capable,” more: Enterprises want great push e-mail–“huge request.” And push calendar information. And push contacts. … Continue reading

What is a rollup? Exchange 2007 SP1 Rollup 1

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One of the more frequent questions about Exchange 2007 is the new update technology, the rollup: Rollup is a collection of hotfixes and Exchange system updates that apply to the entire product. While in the past, Exchange hotfixes included updates … Continue reading

SBSers and Exchange 2003 tar pitting

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Few years ago tar-pitting was a big deal among SBSers who tried to protect their systems from spammers, worms and directory harvesting. Microsoft’s Alex Nikolayev, the big daddy of Microsoft’s SMTP stack developed the tar pitting technology for Microsoft’s SMTP … Continue reading

Microsoft blows the Zimbra Pig House

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In another desperate Microsoft-bashing event, eWeek (surprise!) is predicting the end of Microsoft in a desperation move to buy Zimbra. Yeah. Forget the advertising. Forget IM share. Forget the webmail dominance in the consumer space.. It’s all about Zimbra.. Yeah. Sure. … Continue reading

Get Some Exchange Guru Time

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Got Exchange questions that you’d like answered, for free, by some of the biggest names in the Exchange scene (and me)? I’ll be in the Exchange Expert chats tomorrow and next week, if you have SBS / Centro / WHS … Continue reading