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This is how I roll

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I wish I had a dollar for every time I got asked”: “I wish I knew how you manage to do it all.” The real answer used to be just pure stubbornness, I worked until I got it done. But … Continue reading

Final Ironman Update & Entrepreneurial Frustration

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The 90-day no-break work schedule comes to an end in a week. If you don’t know me, feel free to scroll down to the bold part. I’m taking nearly a month-long vacation as a result of it and will surface … Continue reading


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It’s amazing how much can be accomplished just by quick little fixes, quick videos, quick braindump in a document or training tips. If only even an hour a day went towards addressing operational inefficiencies. It’s also amazing just how hard … Continue reading

Video killed the HR star

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The IT Solution Provider industry has been collectively bitching about the lack of available talent for a long time. I have to agree, we have been having a really tough time trying to find even entry level IT employees for … Continue reading

Ironman Update

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The other day someone asked how the Ironman Challenge was going. Well, you tell me: putting together test servers on a Sunday evening. So what’s the Ironman deal? Working for 90 days straight – no weekends, no days off, no … Continue reading

Are you the best?

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Continued as a part of the New Year review blog posts. Out with the old, in with the new? Well, a year is a loooong time and there is a lot of old stuff that needs to be cleared off … Continue reading

What does this have to do with anything?

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Can you tell the difference between a detail and the big picture? It depends on perspective. I’ve gotten a lot of email over the past few days thanking me about writing the GTD stuff that’s helped transform my own performance … Continue reading

Maintenance (Continued)

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Yesterday I wrote a blog post about Start of Year Maintenance cycle most successful businesses people go through. Fact is, unless you’re remarkably organized and suffer absolutely 0 external interference, you’ve got to dedicate some time to straightening things out. … Continue reading

New Year Maintenance

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If you’ve got any work ethic, it shouldn’t matter what day/date it is, you should be ready to kick ass any day of the week. But even if the calendar doesn’t matter to you, it does to the government, state … Continue reading

The Best Investment of 2010

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I’m often asked by people that are in growth mode just what the best investments and tools for making it big are. I too have unsuccessfully hopped from one piece of software to hardware through the years always in the … Continue reading