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Sunday, November 06, 2005

SBS Show Episode #3 - Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning for SBSers
Posted: 2:15 PM
After over 5,000 downloads of our first two shows I decided to dive into a very serious and sensitive subject that a lot of SBS shops need to pay attention to: disaster recovery. Not just from the standpoint of keeping good backups but from planning, designing and executing a backup strategy for small business. I was joined by experts from various walks of life: IT consultant, published authors, business advisor and the Small Business Specialist / Gold Certified Partner. We attacked the "backup" strategy from all angles and I pushed everyone to give their single best way to get a disaster recovery plan started with just $300, one-time. Lots of points of view, lots of things to consider and great advice from some of the best SBS consultants out there:

Karl Palachuk (KP Enterprises) - Karl is the author of The Network Documentation Workbook, president of KPEnterprises Business Consulting Inc (Microsoft Certified Partner) and leader of Sacramento Small Business Server User Group.

Beatrice Mulzer (Intellisys) - Beatrice is the author of several SMB Nation books including the famous Microsoft Small Business Specialist Primer & 70-282 Exam Preparation Guide. She is also an SBS consultant and a leading technology trainer.

Brian Kruse (Coastal Networks) - Brian is a Small Business Consultant and an expert in wireless technology. He is one of the leaders of the South Florida Technology Network and provided some excellent advice in dealing with extended service outages.

Charles McCubbin (CMcCubbin & Co) - Charles is a Fortune 500 business process advisor with 20 years of experience designing and building computer networks. Charles specializes in small business and presents disaster recovery in terms of business, HR and business insurance.

Warning: Adult (explicit) language, serious and sensitive business topic. All advice is provided as is with no warranty or guarantee, whatsoever.
Download SBS Show Episode #3 - Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning for SBSers

Note: This is a 2 parter: Episode #3 is on general topic of small business disaster recovery planning and business continuity. Episode #4 (next week with Jeff Middleton) will be a more technical and focused view of implementing backups and disaster recovery for SBS 2003.

Disclaimer. Copyright © 2005, 2006 Vladimir Mazek. All Rights Reserved.