SBS Show
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Process Management & Communication
Dave Sobel

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SLA's and Business Management
Karl Palachuk

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Live from TechEd
Susan Bradley, Alun Johnson and Dave Sobel

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Web 2.0 for an IT Pro
Bob Rebholz, Sarah Perez

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Security Consulting
Dana Epp

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Managed Services with Mobitech
Amy Luby, Chad Gross, Steve Luby

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ISA & Firewalls
Amy Babinchak

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SBS Migration (Swing)
Jeff Middleton

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SMBTN Partner Groups
Roger Otterson, Andy Goodman, Jim Locke

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Big in SBS in 2006
SBS Weekly
Kevin Royalty, Roger Otterson, Amy Luby

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Small Business IT Consulting
Harry Brelsford

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Top 15 SBS Consultants
Beatrice Mulzer

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SBS Unleashed
Eriq Neale

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SBS Weekly

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SBS Weekly

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Patch Management
Susan Bradley

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SBS Weekly

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SBS Support Team
Mark Stanfill, Peter Gallagher, The Governator

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SBS Weekly

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Disaster Recovery 2
Scott Buchanan, Jeff Middleton

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Disaster Recovery 1
Karl Palachuk, Beatrice Mulzer, Brian Kruse, Charles McCubbin

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SBS Community
Amy Luby, Susanne Dansey

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Exchange 2003 SP2
Chris Rue
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About SBS Show
SBS Show is a podcast, a free recorded radio show broadcast over the Internet for your enjoyment at your convenience. You can download the SBS Show from and play it on your computer, Tivo, iPod and nearly any other mp3 player.

The topic? Small to Medium business IT and the business of information technology. We talk about everything that can make you a better system administrator, IT consultant, competent IT Professional or well informed business owner. While most focus on gadgets and personal computer technology, SBS Show talks about the actual business of IT.

SBS Show Hosts
Vlad Vlad Mazek
MCSE, MVP, CEO: Own Web Now Corp

Vlad Mazek, MCSE, is an author, technology radio show host, Exchange MVP, ITPRO group leader and a CEO of Own Web Now Corp which hosts thousands of SBS and Exchange Servers. Mr. Mazek is very active in the IT Professional community and has over ten years of experience managing and developing secure communication networks and platforms. Through the network of over 5,000 partners, 9 data centers, popular blog site and a radio show, Mr. Mazek has a feel for the SMB demands both business and technical.

Susanne Susanne Dansey
BDM: Readycrest, Ltd

Susanne Dansey has spent her entire career in business development in the IT industry & recognizes that the key to successful customer relationships is empathy, trust and understanding your customers needs. Her experience in working with small businesses over the years has also shown the power of sharing information with companies in her industry in order to help everyone succeed. It's this understanding that she brings to her work with the WorldWide Partner Community, both as leader of the Kent SBS Partner Group (UK) and creator of the popular site.

Disclaimer. Copyright © 2005, 2006 Vladimir Mazek. All Rights Reserved.