ActiveSync Error 85010014

Windows Mobile 5 users are reporting ActiveSync error 85010014 when syncronizing Windows Mobile 5 with Exchange 2003 SP2 / SBS. The following error is caused by Outlook API with the suggested workaround below:

  1. If you are seeing the error 85010014 (a general error) then try uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook. The error in ActiveSync is actually from the Outlook APIs. You will need to reconfigure Outlook unless you backup your settings. To uninstall Outlook click on the Control Panel → Add or remove Programs → Office 2003 and chose to modify the installation by adding or removing components. Uncheck Outlook and updated it to remove Outlook from Office 2003. Then click on Office 2003 again and re-check the option to install Outlook to add it back to Office 2003. You may need your Office 2003 CD. Then reboot.
  2. If you are seeing the error 85010014 (a general error) and are using Exchange 2003 and folder redirection with Outlook, you may have to turn folder redirection off to sync or upgrade to ActiveSync 4.1.

Credit: Chris DeHerrera, MVP. Please visit his site for more ActiveSync troubleshooting information.

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