The Suicide Note


Some of you read way too much into what I say. Still here, still perfectly fine, relax. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so hope this one helps:


Sometimes it takes a stroll in the park, a chat by the pond, a gay pose by the historic statue to take you out of your element. For me, the best thing that ever happened was a dead cell phone battery with Robbie and Susanne entertaining me and taking me to one party, concert, pub and event after another. That is not who I am, it is not what I do and it was… comfortably different.

I got taken out the role I live in, disconnected from the empire I have built, separated from the life-as-usual and I realized just what direction things were going and just how happy I was with everything. It was, quite honestly, the most liberating experience to step away from the common negativity, pressure, stress and unwanted insomnia. Don’t get me wrong, I take breaks and I do have a lot of fun in my life but they are always planned and thought through. This was different, I have never been this out of reach and it showed me whats truely important in life.

Everyone goes to these conferences to learn something about business, about technology, about partnership. I walked away learning a lot about myself, about what I’ve done so far, what I hope to do next and just how satisfying everything in life really is even without me IDDQD-ing it all the time. If you understand what I just said you’re far too big of a geek, sorry

Thank you Robbie, thank you Mark, thank you David, thank you Chris for everything man. Thank you Susanne for showing me all I didn’t know and thank you Tmobile for making this happen.  


Everyone wanted to know about WWPC, everyone wanted a blog,  pics, video, swag… Honestly, the most beneficial message I can offer you on the whole experience is quite simply in the picture above:

Sometimes it is a lot more fun to make an ass out of yourself.