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Where is the line?

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Last night I had a very interesting conversation on where the line is drawn between producing a quality product and maximizing profitability. Believe it or not (software, MSP, IT Solution Provider, SPF) there is a tradeoff between perfection and profitability … Continue reading

Always.. be..


Rich people tend to make stupid decisions. Stupid decisions that, with eBay’s help, address a big problem in my life: driving the same sports car on consecutive days. This injustice, of my garage, driveway and back yard (redneck style) not … Continue reading

Channel needs a huge kick in the ass (weekend reading)

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Channel, which is the name stupid marketing people at big hardware firms call the collection of VARs, MSPs, resellers and computer builders, is dying. (you might not like what I have to say) Let’s not argue about that, we have … Continue reading

Talk it out… Talk it out…

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I’m in Dallas at the MSPU event and I have to admit they have really brought out an impressive attendance. Quite impressive. I don’t really want to give Erick all the credit in the world for it, but it is … Continue reading

Beyond Grasshopper MSP

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Blogs are free for a reason: We rarely talk to you about what we’re going to be doing tomorrow, much like books and articles, it’s about the past and the present. So let’s look at today in the little world … Continue reading

WPC Day 3 – A Glimmer of Hope

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Since Chris Rue is now done speaking and I can attribute quotes to him without fear that he’ll be gunned down for his low “Microsoft opinion / revenue” ratio, last week he really called the Microsoft/Partner relationship: It’s kinda the … Continue reading

Feedback from Game Over

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My last post titled Game Over raised some eyebrows. I got a ton of very interesting feedback from all over the spectrum (as far as I can match you to your revenue/company size within OWN via SM). The responses fall … Continue reading

Game Over Part Deux (Serious Post)

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It’s the second quarter of the year, time to write one serious post without the Vladville act. I’ve decided to make this once-a-quarter event as to not distract the audience withe unfortunate reality (but tremendous opportunity) we find ourselves in. … Continue reading

Looking for Autotask victims


Next weekend we’ll be sponsoring the Autotask conference, if you are one of our partners and coming to the conference please drop me an email ( with a jacket size (L or XL). As usual, we got some special swag … Continue reading

Endgame: Part 5: The Community

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This blog has been a frequent snowball fight over the very definition of that word. It simply means a lot of things to a lot of people. This year, perhaps, is the first time in my life that I’ve seen … Continue reading