Windows Server 2008: My, how the times have changed

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Today Microsoft launches undoubtedly the biggest product in history of the company, at least in the terms of solidifying the market it dominates – business server room. Susan mentioned the launch virtual event which I will be on because I’m anxious to see the sell job. Windows Server 2008 will certainly make a difference in our data centers, I am not sure how many people we will be able to convince to get off 2003 before its support expires, the automation and powershell at the core are absolutely mindblowing.

Microsoft seriously needs to fire its entire marketing staff, entire PR staff, and every single person involved in the launch of Vista and Windows Server 2008. Their launches are pathetic, and fail to spark even the least bit of interest from anyone outside of the server room. Even casual geeks have no idea that today is special in any way.

Just take a look at this: Microsoft headlines of the day? Microsoft fined another 1.3 billion for antitrust abuse. AOL CEO dubbing Microsoft-Yahoo a mistake, and if anyone can speak about perils of mergers of companies with radically different cultures its AOL. In other news, Apple keeps on dominating, ad clicking and page visits down (bad for Google, but far worse for Microsoft) and the rest all about the Web 2.0 world in which Microsoft for all intents and purposes simply does not exist.

I love Microsoft, and we’ve put up with some bad releases, but if they keep on mismanaging their big news like this and awareness for their products keeps on sliding…. I dunno Steve, try throwing axes and pinkslips..

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  1. Matt says:

    Oops! Here is an example of the PR failure. Five years ago I took the day off (also good for a mental health break) and drove 3+ hours to Minneapolis to go to the 2003 launch. This time around there is nothing local so guess what, – I forgot about the launch today because it is so low keyed!

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