vladimirWelcome to my blog, my name is Vlad and I’m the system administrator behind OwnWebNow.com, ExchangeDefender.com and
TheOfficeServer.com. I run a large global enterprise-class network of Microsoft servers. Keeping it online and secure tends to be a 24/7 job and the fun tends to drop off rapidly after 4AM. The fun aspect of my job is escaping the data center and hanging out with customers and over 4,000 partners.

Essentially, I’m a Microsoft evangelist that breaks and fixes thousands of servers and then goes around telling others how to do it as well. My focus is on keeping messaging and communications secure.

If my face looks familiar, chances you’ve seen me present at a local Microsoft event. I’m at all the Microsoft (SST) shows in Florida usually wearing a blue ExchangeDefender shirt talking about security, hackers, spam and helping folks figure out their Exchange. If you’re from Orlando, my home town, you’ve probably seen me at the OrlandoSBS user group which I lead. As engineers we tend to live in vacuum, and I do my best to get out in the community and share the experience so we can all benefit from it. In a world constrained by IP laws you’d be surprised just how much folks are willing to share with you face to face.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I hope the information you find here is useful.
Vladimir Mazek