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PHP 7.1 with Apache on CentOS 7.x

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Back in the long long ago you could roll out LAMP with a single yum command. In 2017, distro game has hardly kept up with the evolution in PHP and still comes with PHP 5.4 – to go to 7 … Continue reading

Can you do better than 16?

Exchange, System Admin

I recently got a challenge to build a solution that could be price comparable to what cloud storage services charge, except with the performance being key. The challenge: You can’t build a $3 Exchange 2010 Mailbox! Vlad: “Sure I can! Just … Continue reading

Group Notes for July

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Last night was our monthly meeting for Orlando ITPRO and it was the first one in quite some time. We had a few hours of just plain conversations about a local data center that recently had a network down status … Continue reading

Please blog more so we don’t have to learn…

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Is it just me or has the age of RTFM, labs and testing passed away? This is perhaps one of the areas myself and another very well respected leader in the SMB IT space (not Susan) disagree the most – … Continue reading

Password is password

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Damn CPA’s getting pwn3d all over the place. For the billionth time, when working with someone in the Accounting industry remind them: “password” is not a good password. It doesn’t matter that you have an antivirus installed. Now back to … Continue reading

Here you go..

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For quite some time we in the IT industry have enjoyed a great reputation as problem solvers, designers, creators, architects of peoples IT dreams, if you will. It’s not an easy job, it’s not a low skills job and you … Continue reading

Who’s yo daddy now, bitch? (Microsoft 2, SMB IT Providers 0)

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Mark says: “ODG, was Vlad actually right?” Now Mark is a pretty smart guy but I get the “I hate it when you’re right” speach every other day from people that deal with me (as opposed to “OMG, you’re not … Continue reading

Music to my ears..

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The joys of owning a business and the coolest thing your employees can ever say to you (boldfaced): “Subject: RE: Update on project Demotivated Shepherd“  I know its DFWVF but here is the situation.. Everything works.. (functionally speaking unless you get creative) … Continue reading

New Article: Fixing SharePoint 3.0 with KB932091

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So, applied a SharePoint 3.0 patch that broke your SharePoint services? Well, that happened to us. All our SharePoint 3.0 sites started giving out 404 errors. Here is my new article on how to fix it. Hope you like it.

Waiting is the hardest part…

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Ok, so this is going to sound a little sick but I’ve been going down to the mail office every day for the past few days just waiting for Scorpion Software AuthAnvil tokens to show up. Dana and I talked … Continue reading