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Do Something

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About a year ago, I retired. More on that later. Over the past year or so, I’ve done quite a bit in terms of email security research, bouncing ideas at random hours and even more random levels of sobriety with … Continue reading

All the business is a stage

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If you didn’t recognize Bill S in the title, it’s also my philosophy on business and HR: All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man … Continue reading

How to grow old services in a Millennial age

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In business, you have to look forward in order to grow. Just because what you have now is selling well doesn’t mean the fast shifts in technology and demand won’t make you tomorrow’s dodo bird. And this is something I’ve … Continue reading

Our Community Initiatives 2014

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I’ve made my opinions of the SMB IT events very clear in the past and given some of the humorous proposals we’ve gotten so far I can assure you we’ll continue to chop away at our schedule of 2014 conferences. … Continue reading


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As you may have heard or read here, we recently launched the ExchangeDefender Migration & Support services for our hosted Exchange, Lync and SharePoint 2013 cloud platform. These services line us up with our most successful and fastest growing partners … Continue reading

Business Of Technological Change

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For as long as I’ve been in the IT business (which at this point is roughly more than half of it’s existence, since the rise of commercial Internet) our jobs have been those of implementing change. Implementing networks, servers, devices, … Continue reading

ExchangeDefender Beyond IT

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Last week we held a major webinar to cover the developments at Own Web Now since last Thanksgiving. The webinar was oversubscribed but the recording is up and if you have any questions there are people here that would love … Continue reading

Autotask Conference: Little bit old, little bit new

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I know, I know, everyone wants more details about this. And as happy as I am that everyone loves Vladville I have that job and food thing that keeps on getting in my way every day – so I heard … Continue reading


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For the next few weeks leading up to my vacation I’ll address some business hacks we’ve done at Own Web Now over the years. Some good, some bad. As for any of my employees reading this – get back to … Continue reading

Flexibility Matters

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In my recent conversations with my partners I’m seeing a trend of boredom and apprehension when it comes to solution positioning. Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that all this venture capital fueled / speculative me-too world … Continue reading