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WHS P-P-Preview

Windows Home Server

Ok, so this looks like a major step in the right direction with the remote web workplace enhancements. It has a new Views filter that rather quickly renders picture thumbnails. The Good Yes, something for the ladies there. One interesting … Continue reading

Windows Home Server PP1 steps out of the closet

Windows Home Server
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Windows Homo Server Pride Pack 1 has stepped out of the closet. Or Windows Hell Server Porn Protection is out. All relative to how low your morals are I suppose. There will not come a day on which you will … Continue reading

What are you using for your home media storage?

Windows Home Server

Long weekend is upon us, it’s computer project time. With Windows Home Server out of picture and unplugged I’m left to search for something more reliable. What is popular out there? I’d prefer it have some sort of an Xbox … Continue reading

Funny stuff in Las Vegas

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One thing that I find impressive about Las Vegas is that every time I go back it seems to be a different city. The expansion and buildout is just incredible. People change too. A few years ago you would walk … Continue reading

“Tens of thousands” Windows Home Servers sold

Windows Home Server

Steven VanRoekel is quoted by Cnet commenting on the initial sales of Windows Home Server: “It’s definitely tens of thousands, which in a month and a half is good” I deal with managers all day long so let me try … Continue reading

Windows Home Server Woops City

Windows Home Server

It is quite a masterful act to take one’s foot out of his mouth and his head out of his … But Windows Home Server is going to make me do just that; Something fairly severe has come up on … Continue reading

Backing up Windows Home Server away from Home

Windows Home Server

Now that most of the home data is sitting safely on the Windows Home Server it’s time to think backup strategy. It’s called a strategy for a reason – disaster is not something you want to experience but it’s an … Continue reading

Building the Windows Home Server

Windows Home Server

Many of you wrote in ( with questions about the home server hardware I chose after my last Windows Home Server post. Terry Walsh also discussed moving his home server around and the Windows Home Server Blog recently talked about … Continue reading

Windows Home Server: First Steps

Windows Home Server

Last night I took my first steps with the released version of Windows Home Server. Here are my initial thoughts: I should have paid $600 for the HP model, the install was excruciating and took forever. They did a heck … Continue reading

Windows Home Server Revolution

Windows Home Server
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Windows Home Server finally hits the shelves today. There is a ton of news coverage over it, everything positive. Two models are on the street already, the product is easy to use, price is very attractive (starting at $599 for … Continue reading