What are you using for your home media storage?

Windows Home Server

Long weekend is upon us, it’s computer project time.

With Windows Home Server out of picture and unplugged I’m left to search for something more reliable. What is popular out there? I’d prefer it have some sort of an Xbox connectivity to it but am not that picky if it doesn’t.

So far I have checked out LinuxMCE, XBMC for Linux and a few others but so far XBMC seems to be the boss. Just gorgeous. There is of course just installing a copy of Vista Ultimate but that seems too ungeeky.

My requirements – ability to store system backups, pictures / slideshows, remote access to pictures and video and the ability to be easily backed up for offsite/secure storage. Oh, and not corrupting files on a file server, that would be just fantastic.

(if you say Mac Mini, so help me god, I will hunt you down and kill you)

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  1. Chris Knight says:

    Mac Mini^W^WFreeNAS 🙂


    Yeah – FreeBSD fanboi…

  2. Paul says:

    Though I understand your feelings about Windows Home Server, it has drawn the attention of a lot of folks. As the beta service pack is about to be released which is supposed to cure the data corruption bug, why not give it a touch of Vlad and try it out with th rest of us?

  3. vlad says:


    Given the WHS track record so far it seems irrelevant whether they fix it or not, they have let critical issue ride for six months with fix still unavailable.

    It just a matter of trust, and I no longer trust anything produced from WHS team. There are a lot of great memories riding on my home network and its replicated elsewhere at a cost as well, I just am not willing to risk it on the back of WHS.

    That’s just me. I’ll check out freenas.


  4. Dave Sobel says:

    Mac Pro. 🙂 Bring the hitmen!

    Seriously, I use my Mac for this — Time Machine for backups, Connect360 for XBox connectivity, and it fully integrates with everything. It’s standards based, so SMB sharing and everything.

    Why are you turning your nose at something that a) works and b) does what you want. That’s religious bias…


  5. Joe says:

    XBMC does indeed look gorgeous-

  6. vlad says:


    It is religious. The product and behavior of Apple Corp makes me want to avoid everything they design because it ties the functionality to using Apple’s overpriced hardware which I do _not_ agree looks visually stunning.

    Until it is an open platform that anyone can install on any hardware they choose and extend in any way they wish, I can’t say I want anything to do with it.

    Same with the rest of my electronics. I don’t purchase items that don’t have a widely popular hacking scene.

    That’s just me.


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  8. Paul says:

    I here what you say, Vlad. I don’t think I would trust my digital memories to any one system. I use WHS + external drive + paid for offsite backups. I am definitely cautious about using something like freenas. WHS has such huge potential, yes they have committed a sin, but I believe they should be given the oppurtunity to rectify and move forward. It is SBS based after all and that product has served my business well for over 10 years.

  9. Nick says:

    XBMC on the old XBox with the HD pack just rocks, I haven’t seen anything else on the market that comes anywhere close. The only thing it’s missing is HD support and that should be solved once the current port projects become stable.

    I’m hanging in there with WHS too, although I haven’t committed all my data to it I still believe in the platform. I’m looking at the service from Crash Plan (www.crashplan.com) to do my own offsite backup from home to the office. It’s free and you can seed your own backup to get over that initial first backup hurdle.

  10. Paulie says:

    Try XBMC, you will never go back.

    We have several XBOX’s with component conneciton pack and 750Gb HDDs.

    Ease of use and feature set blow everything else away.

    Ability to download porn and not even have to extract the Rars, just hit play….

  11. vlad says:


    How would you like to run Own Web Now Corp’s business in UK? You will fit RIGHT into the corporate culture here 🙂


  12. Felix says:

    I really like mit ReadyNas NV+

  13. Dan McCoy says:

    ReadyNAS good unless you are using Ntbackup. They have known issues with it. Like those that make it run so slow you could snail mail your data. They say it’s Microsoft’s problem and they can fix it.

  14. Phil Wisch says:


  15. Joe Suma says:

    Also using Openfiler! It’s free and works great!

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