What are you using for your home media storage?

Windows Home Server

Long weekend is upon us, it’s computer project time.

With Windows Home Server out of picture and unplugged I’m left to search for something more reliable. What is popular out there? I’d prefer it have some sort of an Xbox connectivity to it but am not that picky if it doesn’t.

So far I have checked out LinuxMCE, XBMC for Linux and a few others but so far XBMC seems to be the boss. Just gorgeous. There is of course just installing a copy of Vista Ultimate but that seems too ungeeky.

My requirements – ability to store system backups, pictures / slideshows, remote access to pictures and video and the ability to be easily backed up for offsite/secure storage. Oh, and not corrupting files on a file server, that would be just fantastic.

(if you say Mac Mini, so help me god, I will hunt you down and kill you)

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