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Don’t F with consultants man

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There are many people you can screw over in your company and never really notice it. There are even roles with the responsibility of minimizing the impact angry workers can make. Security personnel, data center guards, lawyers, inhumane resources.. But … Continue reading

Windows Server 2008 & Domain Security Policy

Microsoft, Security

Some of the new software we are building at Own Web Now manages it’s own password complexity, sometimes much to the chagrin of the default policies built into Windows Server 2008. You’ve heard about Security By Obscurity, so get ready … Continue reading

Lucy’s Sail: Day 6: Password is "Password1234!"

OwnWebNow, Security
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Son, you have to earn the pimp hat. I am not sure how young you have to be to start moving software but Tim is getting an early start: effective immediately Own Web Now in partnership with Scorpion Software is … Continue reading

Make something idiot-proof…


… and they will build a better idiot. Honestly, there are days when I feel like people do things with my software just to dick with me. For years we didn’t enforce password complexity on ExchangeDefender, ergo 99.999% of the … Continue reading

Disturbance in the Microsoft Patching Force

IT Business, Microsoft, Security

Looks like there was more fun overnight than the Central Florida hurricanes, check out what OWN was up to: For the past 10 hours or so we have been handling an 820% surge in reboot requests for hung Microsoft servers … Continue reading

Patch Tuesday: Cousin Joel Returns

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(Note: All Windows Server post-SP2 issues will be refered to as Cousin Joel edition) Microsoft released an out-of-band patch yesterday to cover the recent .ani/.cur exploits. These are causing confirmed issues with Windows Server 2003 SP2, SBS 2003 SP2, Windows … Continue reading

UAC: When you halfass technology theft

Microsoft, Security

Much has been said, and ridiculed, about the UAC feature in Microsoft Vista. Aside from 2 security MVPs and a handful of Microsoft employees I have not met anyone else that either likes this feature or is not asking to … Continue reading

Keeping Passwords Secure


Don’t worry, this isn’t The Susan Bradley ™ rant. This is just something for you to think about on a slow Friday afternoon while you’re planning your weekend and likely using the same password for your desktop as you do … Continue reading

Data Protection Strategy Kit Spam

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Untitled document Sometimes reading inbox spam pays off. Today I got the following interesting offer in my inbox from RSA Security, Inc: Download the Data Protection Strategy Kit and learn how protecting data across the entire enterprise – applications, databases, … Continue reading

I need a confidence patch


Earlier today I posted a question on a mailing list trying to find out how other IT Solution Providers are dealing with the increasingly unreliabile and costly Microsoft Security patches. Please don’t turn this into a security issue because it’s … Continue reading