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Profiting vs. Commoditizing

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Email is a commodity as far as IT goes. Has been for a better part of a decade and with the few exceptions (compliance, audit, disaster recovery) not a highly profitable task without massive scale. Two years ago we started … Continue reading

Timehop Getting Things Done

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For the record, I hate the posts where someone successful tries to lecture people on how things should be done when you haven’t reached your potential yet, it’s condescending and I hope this isn’t seen in such a way. I … Continue reading

Time To See The World

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As I mentioned over the past few months I have been scaling back my responsibilities at ExchangeDefender to only a part time affair (about 30 hours a week; and trust me, that’s part time here). I’m just a CEO these … Continue reading

The worst thing about being nice

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Gotta vent for a sec because I keep on running into this. The worst thing about being nice is that you get no credit for it. But you get exploited for it at every turn. When I fuck up, even … Continue reading

Discipline in Communications

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For as long as I’ve had more than one employee I’ve been accused of the company having bad communication. I .. I not from this country. My english not so good. And while many would probably successfully debate that I’m … Continue reading

Discipline In Management

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I’m going to make this very simple so you don’t have to read a lot to understand what I’m trying to say: If there are things you don’t like about your business they are your fault. Everything else is just … Continue reading

Flexibility Matters

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In my recent conversations with my partners I’m seeing a trend of boredom and apprehension when it comes to solution positioning. Look, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that all this venture capital fueled / speculative me-too world … Continue reading

The Sum of all Bullshit

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Friends, readers, Chinese email harvesting bots and random DDoS attackers, welcome. I am about to introduce you to the one thing.. no.. the biggest thing that bothers me about business and those that fail at it. They go hand in … Continue reading

It’s a race.. and speed matters.

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On Monday I posted the following Facebook update: By Wednesday, all of the code, bugfix and testing were in place and Shockey Monkey was rocking the 2013 version of clippy. Whether you loved or loathed Clippy, the idea was brilliant … Continue reading

Free Business Training

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As ExchangeDefender and Shockey Monkey grow in scope and start getting used by more than your average IT firm, we are finding that more and more of our partners and clients are desperate for practical business and business technology training. … Continue reading