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Surfacebook First Impression

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First overall impression: It’s feels significantly heavier than Macbook Air, other than that it looks and feels very similar. Packaging is impressive, looks very modern and comes with a typical PC 2-piece charger that is quite slim. The lean angle … Continue reading

Update on the NDA items

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Several people have followed up with me directly about the progress of the betas and other NDA software and solutions discussed at the few NDA webinars I held last quarter. Here is the official unofficial statement on those and just … Continue reading

Big changes take some time

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I was reminded over the weekend by a few partners that I haven’t posted many strategic updates over the past few weeks regarding what we’re up to – I beg to differ, we have been rolling out our strategy since … Continue reading


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Key to a successful IT business is communication. At times, marketing does a better job than technical support does in communicating technical events – mostly because marketing has a heads up and technical support is our version of FEMA. At … Continue reading

Intuit, when cloud hits the fan

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First of all, we are a happy Intuit client. As much as I hate Quickbooks and everything Intuit produces, it pales in comparison to dealing with a CPA, IRS, Florida DOR, Dallas Tax Appraisers office, anything in California, and of … Continue reading

Looking for Autotask victims


Next weekend we’ll be sponsoring the Autotask conference, if you are one of our partners and coming to the conference please drop me an email ( with a jacket size (L or XL). As usual, we got some special swag … Continue reading

A New Low

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There are times at which I amaze myself at the dumbass things I do with my skills. Earlier today I completed a contract and service configuration process driven purely by JavaScript. There is even an entire layered page constructed entirely … Continue reading

Heading Over To The Dark Side

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I spent most of last week and will likely spend the rest of 2007 on the dark side. Google If you are looking to chat with me and don’t do business with OwnWebNow, you can find me on Google Talk. My … Continue reading

Build a Hackintosh – Progress report on OS X 10.5 live, 10.5.1 too

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Just a brief update on the progress as I’ve made some changes to the original hardware in my Building my Hackintosh blog post due to some unforseen compatibility issues. The major change is to the motherboard, I got a Gigabyte GA-945GCMX-S2 … Continue reading

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 RC Available

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Untitled document Microsoft has made the long awaited Windows Server 2003 SP2 available as a release candidate (read: beta, broken, not for production) with some fairly interesting and worthwhile updates. Click here for the SP2 site. MMC3 is going to … Continue reading