Looking for Autotask victims


Next weekend we’ll be sponsoring the Autotask conference, if you are one of our partners and coming to the conference please drop me an email (vlad@vladville.com) with a jacket size (L or XL). As usual, we got some special swag for the people that contribute to Vlad’s Ferrari Collection Fund aka Own Web Now Corp.

Now on to the vague stuff. Would you like to be famous?

1. You must be attending the Autotask Conference.

2. You must be available for a 2 minute video spot on afternoon of Sunday, March 29th.

3. You must be an active Autotask user (Pro or Go) and grant me access to it.

4. You must sign a corporate NDA through the end of next week. No unincorporated SPFs.

5. You must be good at hearing.

We wrote something special for Autotask. We are using the Autotask event to launch the relationship between the two companies, and to highlight our commitment to it we’re doing a publicity stunt with something that is profoundly useless but also very creative and imaginative. You know, like Microsoft Surface.

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