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Of Politics & Baby Steps

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I try not to get into politics on this blog. My extent of political evangelism is somewhat limited to what drives my personal entertainment: I post Facebook political memes to egg people on, I’ve been to rallies to people watch … Continue reading

Nobody knows how good you are..

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Until you hand them your best selling book with your face on the cover. Expert. Author. That is credibility you can touch. Except you didn’t really write that book, you co-authored it with a dozen other people. And you’re not … Continue reading

No, Thank YOU

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I often remark about how most of our great software design ideas come from our partners. Much of it starts with “You know what would be cool?” and it goes from there. Sometimes I even get marketing advice so I … Continue reading

Arguments With Idiots: Part 1

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There are a lot of stupid people out there. Most of us are stupid about something – and there are plenty of legitimate reasons for it. Every now and then you will encounter a select subsection of people that are … Continue reading

Ironman: The Business Design Challenge

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At a recent conference I was asked if I’d consider doing the ironman push again. For those of you that aren’t devoted Vladville followers, I worked 90 days straight from January 1st – March 31st. No breaks, no vacations, no … Continue reading

Greetings from London

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It’s been nearly a week since the last post and I wanted to just give everyone an update as I’ve been getting a lot of email and the usual questions about what’s going on. ”When Vlad goes silent, there is … Continue reading

EuroTrip 2010

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I’m on my way to Europe. I have a few business appointments to take care of while out there and would love to meet some of our partners and for the lack of a better word, buy some beer. Here … Continue reading

Road Trips

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This has been an interesting year, road-wise. I entered the year with one company and all of my hobbies cleared. Now I have 4 companies and another professional hobby (book) and after a ton of traveling this year I have … Continue reading

So what do you think?

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Every now and then I get emails that are so well thought through and written (unlike Vladville) that it’s a damn shame to keep them to myself. So with permission (and removing their company / name) I am reprinting the … Continue reading

Karl Sideshow Notes & Cloud Tips

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Today I’ll be joining Karl on his Cloud Services Podcast to talk a little about what has really made us successful at Own Web Now through the years. If all goes according to plan, we’ll talk a little more about … Continue reading