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There is nothing on the Internet

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At some point in the 90’s with hundreds of channels and pay-per-view options there was suddenly “nothing on TV” and the selection of random redundant choices made most people simply tune out (and only come back later for “reality TV”) … Continue reading

My god Vlad, what did you do? (Part 2)

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Yesterday I held a big webcast to announce our big plans for 2011. To say it went well is an understatement. But in January we start offering all of these services and I want to make sure we are completely … Continue reading

Google Chrome OS

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After years of speculation.. here is the announcement. Many are seeing this as a tactical nuke at Microsoft’s monopoly, however, let’s keep in mind that Google too often dreams big but things never quite catch up (see: backpack, Google Talk, … Continue reading

Automating Client/User Behavior

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One of my greater joys in business over the past two years has been the development of our PSA. In the process of studying just how much we suck (and the extent) I’ve really gathered an alarming amount of data … Continue reading

Gmail, offline?


Ok, so it is a sneaky subject 😉 But it’s true. In a positive sense too: You can now use Google Gears for full Gmail offline experience. While you are online, all your content is in sync. When you go … Continue reading

Chrome out of Beta!

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Ok, this is perhaps the most exciting download since RTM released an iPhone download. Google has let the Google Chrome web browser out of beta. Go get it! I was a little quick to judge the Google Chrome when it … Continue reading

Chrome: Oh yee of little faith..

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It would appear quite a few of you took offense at me uninstalling the “open” browser being developed by Google. The revolutionary new thinking, announced in a comic, apparently deserves far more praise than “It’s fast, now, how do I … Continue reading

Google Calendar Sync

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Most of my community work and freebie stuff runs off of Google and I don’t think I’m cutting it short when I say that Google has by far the best calendar/scheduling app on the market today. So this release has … Continue reading

It’s Good Enough, Reincarnated

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For the past decade IT shops and IT departments have had to fight the “it’s good enough” mantra of cheap CPAs that were in charge of the company budgets. Going even smaller, “it’s good enough” brought you the world of … Continue reading

More Yahoo Drama, who cares? The answer to why people hate Microsoft so much.

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This question came up during the geek lunch here in Orlando, far far away from the neverland of the Silicon Valley. Who cares about Yahoo and Google and Microsoft, I am tired of that drama said one of our local … Continue reading