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Do Something

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About a year ago, I retired. More on that later. Over the past year or so, I’ve done quite a bit in terms of email security research, bouncing ideas at random hours and even more random levels of sobriety with … Continue reading

Profiting vs. Commoditizing

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Email is a commodity as far as IT goes. Has been for a better part of a decade and with the few exceptions (compliance, audit, disaster recovery) not a highly profitable task without massive scale. Two years ago we started … Continue reading

Cloud is a commodity, but are you?

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Over the past year that I’ve been off the road I’ve been working very intensely with my partners on getting them rocking in the cloud. As you may have noticed here, I have for the most part given up on … Continue reading

DaaS Problems

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Once upon a time, in the long long ago, I started writing a book on Cloud Services. More specifically, I wanted to write a book to help people build or add a cloud line of business inside their existing technology … Continue reading

Update on CompTIA’s Cloud Trustmark Progress

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As I wrote here before, I am on CompTIA’s Cloud Executive Council and several of us are helping CompTIA come up with a Cloud Trustmark that would help IT Solution Providers determine, in a nutshell, how credible the cloud service … Continue reading

Impatience, Shortcuts & Quickies

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One of the more annoying themes in IT is the lack of understanding that anything valuable and complex takes time. We recently launched a new service at work and I’ve spent the past month on the phone talking to people … Continue reading

What is the value of on-premise mail server?

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I’d honestly like to know. If you’d like to see why and what we’re doing (disclaimer: this is a vendor event skewed towards ExchangeDefender and what we do)  feel free to join us. In particular, when dealing with small business … Continue reading

There is nothing on the Internet

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At some point in the 90’s with hundreds of channels and pay-per-view options there was suddenly “nothing on TV” and the selection of random redundant choices made most people simply tune out (and only come back later for “reality TV”) … Continue reading

Cloud Fail

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Sometimes you are just dead wrong. Despite the best intentions and a lot of good technology, insight, research and demand for your service.. you fail miserably. I talk a lot about the stuff ExchangeDefender does great and here is one … Continue reading

Review of CompTIA AMM and notes from the field

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Over the past few days I had the pleasure of attending CompTIA’s annual member meeting in Chicago. While the event itself was fantastic and featured some great content, I do have some mixed feelings towards the industry in general that … Continue reading