DaaS Problems

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Once upon a time, in the long long ago, I started writing a book on Cloud Services. More specifically, I wanted to write a book to help people build or add a cloud line of business inside their existing technology service.

So I laid out our entire process – that was the book outline.

Then I started outlining each section first starting with how things actually worked.. and then a list of ideas, suggestions, recommendations and ways things really should work.

The more I worked in this world of fantasy about how things “should work” instead of as they really are the more it became a wishlist than a blueprint. And I realized that if I ever actually completed and published this work of fiction I would lose all credibility and self respect. Yes, I’d become an IT coach.

Disingenuous As A Service

Let me be clear – I am not a genius. Not by a long shot. Yeah I’ve built some nice businesses and lots of beautiful disasters over time – some worked out and some didn’t – but there is no real skill in consulting, just the self confidence that your pile of bullshit will actually get a cashable check after you send your victim client an invoice. And this is not just a slam piece on coaches, which I’ll destroy the few that aren’t out of business already later, rather than the inevitability of business reality.

Here is my theory, business managers fall into two groups:

1. Those that know the uncertainty in what they are doing, consider opinions, act, evaluate, revise and actually do the hard work needed to succeed. There are few of these out there.

2. Then there are those that are certain that someone else knows exactly what they are doing. And yet, instead of becoming millionaires and billionaires running successful franchise spanning the globe, they retire to their basement to sell emotional security and confidence conveniently wrapped in a blueprint that can’t fail – they haven’t tried it but other people are paying them for that advice so surely it must be worth something!

Listen, I get it, it’s hard running a business. Everyone needs a cheerleader. But I get the same SPAM you all get – for all the promises about transforming your business that you’ll get what you’re actually getting is a bunch of wishful thinking combined with the ugly realization that everything you need to do will require a lot of hard work or a ton of money for someone else to do it. And if you’re smart enough – you realize that no third party understands your business like you do or the kind of talent you have or the kind of clients you serve.

I can boil the whole effort of any consultative effort to you in a single line:

Ask your clients what they want, ask your team how to do it.

Then figure out how to make $ with it.

This first coaching advice is free, if you need more I am available on contract basis. Smile