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Unrigging the Internet of Things

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If you’ve ever heard someone overly excited about the Internet of Things you’ve likely talked to one of the two groups of people: idiots or people trying to sell you IoT. There is no other subset of IoT enthusiasts out … Continue reading

My Week With Microsoft SurfaceBook

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Last week Microsoft unleashed the Surfacebook – Windows 10 powered laptop with a detachable screen that can be used as a tablet. What’s not to love? I ordered one in hopes that it would be as awesome as all Microsoft … Continue reading

Surfacebook First Impression

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First overall impression: It’s feels significantly heavier than Macbook Air, other than that it looks and feels very similar. Packaging is impressive, looks very modern and comes with a typical PC 2-piece charger that is quite slim. The lean angle … Continue reading

Two weeks with my Apple Watch

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The following is my opinion of the Apple Watch after wearing it for two weeks. Purpose Before you read any of this please understand that what works for me likely will not work for me – wearables are personal and … Continue reading

What’s your beef with Tesla?


I was recently asked why I hated Tesla so much. “Did Elon kick your puppy or something?” To be honest, I hate all electric cars. From golf carts to Tesla. It’s just that I think Tesla cars, inside out, are … Continue reading

Windows 8 Tablets: Premature Consumerization

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People love their iPads. So much so that Apple is selling more tablets than the entire PC industry is “shipping” personal computers. While Microsoft’s attempt at Windows 8 both in software (Metro) and hardware (Surface RT, Pro) is aimed at … Continue reading

The 50 Shades of PC Decline

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I’ve been watching the recent doomsday reports (make that “factual accounts of actual sales worldwide”) about how the PC is dying, how Windows 8 is the main culprit, and the industry in general is imploding. First of all, this isn’t … Continue reading

Social Motivation

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I have written about this subject before but it’s hard to get motivated to get out of the rut sometimes. Couch is more comfortable than pavement, large cheese pizza is more filling than a salad and bad behavior is so … Continue reading

An exercise in futility: What to do when nobody wants your products anymore

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Extremely long blog post cut short: When nobody cares about you, your products, your services or what you think you want to sell they still care a lot about their data. Never lose sight of what your client wants and … Continue reading

Surface After Honeymoon

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Three months ago I wrote about my initial impression of the Microsoft Surface tablet. I was pretty happy with the device (it has actually replaced my iPad) and it has gotten better since. People keep on asking me about it … Continue reading