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Is it illegal to beat children?

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Sometimes work-life separation (for those of you that believe make belief fables) bites you in the most annoying of ways. Little dude on the right is my youngest son and is a replica of me in every annoying little detail … Continue reading

Birthday Meatcake Beefporkcalypse


I’ve known my boy Los longer than I’ve been able to speak English. He was my college roommate and saw me kick a computer through a wall when I lost 3 hours of work once. He’s been there from the … Continue reading

What if we’re all wrong about the cloud?

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The cloud fever has finally made Microsoft’s SMB channel too sick to get out of bed with removal of Exchange, joining virtually every other vendor that is only pursuing a cloud strategy. Many consultants, IT Solution Providers and even yours … Continue reading

ROI Case for Investment In Community

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I’d like to clear up an apparent logical conflict I have made on Vladville about blogging. In past I have told many of you that consider blogging for business honestly is a terrible idea. Meanwhile, I continue to write three … Continue reading

Introducing: Monkey Remote

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Remember Looks Cloudy announcement from last week? Well, it’s on fire: 14 posts, tons of feedback and we’re still just framing the whole picture. But that’s nothing compared to Shockey Monkey Remote beta that we just unleashed. “Oh god, no, … Continue reading

Introducing: Looks Cloudy

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Are you sick and tired of the cloud hype yet? Even Microsoft and IBM are talking about the cloud – on national television directly to end consumers. It’s fantastic – it eliminates complex technology, IT departments and more. It’s closing … Continue reading

Productivity… on weed?


This has been the most productive year I’ve ever had, thanks to getting organized, implementing a lot of GTD processes, unsubscribing from a mountain of newsletters and minimizing distractions. The single biggest piece of productivity enhancement in 2010 has come … Continue reading

Thanks for the birthday presents

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In about 2 hours I’ll be turning 32! I never imagined I would be where I’m at by 32. Ever, actually. The only financial goal I ever remember setting for myself is being able to take home six figures. Today, … Continue reading

This is how I want to go..

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Today announced it was being acquired by Amazon. I have to admit, this is the funniest takeover announcement I’ve ever read in my life. And since I know most of you don’t like to read long paragraphs, I’ve taken … Continue reading

Introducing Vlad 3.0

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Currently in development, expected release date: November 19, 2010.